Sunday, April 15, 2012

easter day 2012

The only holiday that I feel truly obligated to craft, besides Halloween and the jack-o-lanterns, is Easter.  Pulling out the dye, and the vinegar, and the eggs. 

We have done some fancy eggs in the past like in this post clear back in 2009.  Oh man, Samuel was so stinkin' cute back then.  I took two jillion photos of him.  Now I wish I would have take three jillion plus more video.  Oh, right, eggs...

After all the fancy stuff, my kids like the good old fashioned dipping the best.  And this year they were old enough to set everything up.  
 Some creative eggs.  Samuel did the one in the middle.  He really loves chicks.  
 The finished products.
 Easter is still magical for our kids.  I love it.  They still believe.  You can feel their excitement in the air.
 They didn't even notice that most of the candy was stuff that Maximus had found at the egg hunt the few days before.  Hehe.  They didn't even care.  They still believe.
 Taking inventory of their stash.  Truth is, it's the anticipation and the finding that they love.  The candy is still sitting in the bags and has been untouched ever since that day.
 After that, a super duper nice friend agreed to come over and take a few shots of my family in our house.  I really wanted him to because a) I love looking back at photos of places where I have lived b) I am in hardly any of our family photos c) he is an awesome picture taker person d) I knew it would make me clean the house e) we were all dressed up for Easter.  I'll post those later.  

Here are a few shots that I snapped after he left...

The kids on the bed.  My monkeys.
  Even babies know that if you get on a bed, you are supposed to jump. He still keeps one foot on the ground when he jumps.  He'll learn soon enough.
Eva is dancing and I just love these poses.  
And here is Samuel being himself.  He is about to swing that pillow on to Maximus.
 Not fighting.  How nice.
 My monkeys.  All settled down.  This year I made Eva's dress out of my chevron stash that I bought too much of.  I also made Maximus's bow tie.  I picked up the boys' shirts and 80's style pants clear back when I was in UT for New Years.  
The day ended by going up to our dear friends' house and eating for like 3 hours straight.  It was awesome.  I love eating for 3 hours straight.  It kinda helped me not miss my family so much.  I miss them on holidays.

Easter went smoothly.  Sometimes I think it is crazy to keep up all these traditions.  But then I look back on these pictures and I remember that it is all worth it.

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jamie parker said...

That dress you made is awesome!!!! Your kids are awesome. Happy, Happy Easter:) xoxo


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