Monday, April 13, 2009

saturday easter marathon

7:30 a.m. alarm goes off, turn it off, dream that I am getting my kids ready for the busy day.
8:30 a.m. Karl exclaims, "It's 8:30!"  We all slept in.  Freak out.  Get ready turbo speed.
8:53 pile in the car, rush to the rec center, find Mo and Sara, line up just in time for the 9:00 siren.
9:06 the eggs are all found.  Seriously.
So, I'm wondering what it would take for us to hustle to church like that?

Look at that, I have photographic evidence that parents were breaking the rules and picking up eggs for the kids.  Karl and I got stopped by the authorities and were told that we had to wait on the sidelines.  The younger crowd is hilarious to watch.  They all just start running and it takes a while before they realize they should pick up eggs.
All of that, for this.  We got in the car at 9:09 and headed up to activity of the day #2.  Cousin Sarah's baptism.
We got there early.  We didn't know what to do with ourselves.  If you know us, you are ready to fall out of your chair, because we are never ever early.
We got out and took a few pictures.  Pictures that we would have taken if we didn't get to the egg hunt 30 seconds before it started.
The view was lovely, right?  This place won't exist in a while.  Its getting developed.
Beautiful Sarah chose to get baptized and we got to be there to witness the special occasion.
  So glad.  
Those are cute Emma's feet.  I wish my feet would stay all nice and cute and soft like that.

Karl dropped me off at Cucina Deli where my friends were celebrating Kristi's birthday.  I missed the food, but did not miss out on some of the great conversation.  Topics: Baby girl names (hooray, Courtney and Heather), clothes, girls' camp, and my parenting woes (got so much good advice and even a book.  Lucky, right?).  I got some salads to go for dinner.  So glad I did.  They were awesome.

Went and joined the kids where they were celebrating Alyssa's birthday.  I walk in and Samuel is doing the Swiffer Sweeper thing on his back.  Michelle's floor is much cleaner than the video, but I posted it just in case you don't know what I am talking about.  
Samuel made sure to be front and center for the candles, to steal the dog off the cake, and to make the birthday girl cry. 
Then, it was back to mopping the floor.  Get this, then he went upstairs found the toy vacuum (he has a thing for vacuums... he talks about them and draws them all the time) and worked on that for a while.  This is while all the the kids are eating cake.  When they are all getting ready to leave, and he is done cleaning, he goes to eat the cake.  That blue frosting was intense.  Can you see the blue on his face?  Kind of cute on him, right?  Wasn't so cute on MY face.  Stained my face, too.  
After dinner (thanks, Cucina Deli), we busted out the eggs.  We tried something new this year, using silk ties to color the eggs.If you ever want to see Karl all nervous and his blood pressure super high, give Samuel an egg, some silk, and a hard slate floor.  easter eggs
I loved the way they turned out.  I want to do this again and again.
We did half of the eggs the way we have always done them because, well, we are all about instant gratification.
easter eggs
I think I really like Easter.  It represents so much.  I also love how we celebrate it.
Food, crafts, new clothes.  No pressure.  All good.  I like it.

All right, and if I am going to be thorough (I always am) then I can't leave out my Easter favorite: Fernwood's Chocolate Almondettes.  Cadbury Mini Eggs used to get my vote.  But I think Mr. Hershey changed the recipe, either that or I have changed.  Whatever the case, these (very non-photogenic) eggs of chocolate, almond, white fluffy filling are the best.  

All in one day.


Angela said...

WOW! That is one busy day. And then you threw in a trip to Cache Valley the next day. Of course, we are glad you did. :) It was so fun to see you. Looks like you had a great Easter.

I love the picture of Samuel and Eva hugging before Sarah's baptism. So cute and the scene is very pretty.

Lindsay said...

I love watching kids go crazy during an egg hunt too. Funny. Your whole post is so good and very interesting...I really like that tie idea! I have never heard of that. You are a wonderful photographer Christina!

Heath'e' said...

Thanks for sharing the silk tie idea. That is such a great idea, I loved how they turned out! I hate the vinegar stuff so I really appreciate alternatives.

Nikki said...

busy day and great pictures!

Abbigail said...

incredible. I love the eggs and those photos of the kids in the mountains. They are precious.

I had preschool at my house today and one of the kids hit the other kid and left a big welt on his face. Oh man! It was horrible.

Adri said...

Wow... that was a busy day! Your kids are so cute. I may steal your egg dying technique!

Kathryn said...

Wow! What a day! It was busy, but fun. Wish we could have spent it with you. I love the eggs. How creative. Next year we want to roll Easter eggs down Old Main Hill with you. Grandma

mmm.chocolate said...

First off, your kids are so dang cute! Second, I am laughing so hard at the swiffer sweepers. Can they really make outfits out of swiffers like that? I am going to have a crawler here in a few more months and I'm thinking that would be pretty useful. Lastly, great post and I love that you did the silk tie eggs! I saw that in a magazine and I was wondering if it would be as cool looking in real life as the ones they had pictured.


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