Thursday, April 9, 2009

bunnies, buns, best parenting skills ever: posted

Samuel came out of preschool with these ears in hand.  His preschool really tugs on my crafty heartstrings.
My kids love Webkins.   Every special occasion is marked by a new Webkins from their Grandma Geddes.  They love them so much (but not as much as they love their Grandma). They seem to make every holiday as big as Christmas for these two.
Okay, can you guess who's daddy has decided that it is time to introduce the kids to the world of Star Wars?  
Samuel fell in love instantly.  Eva, I think, was enticed by the popcorn, root beer floats, and excuse to stay up late and cuddle on the couch.
We had to compromise on this hair-do... 
"Eva, you can't go to school with your hair covering your ears."
"But she has a hole so she can hear."
"No, Eva."
So, I have been researching photography websites and have trying to figure out "my style."  I think I am drawn to a more natural photojournalistic style.  But, mostly I think I am confused about style and just love to take pictures of my kids as they are.  So, one tip I read was to get the kids in their natural element.  Have them doing something they love so they look comfortable and happy.  I took it to heart.  I took pictures of them doing what they do best.  Watching TV (as you know from my last post, I am mourning my lack of parenting skills.  In an effort to not stress so much, I decided to let them watch more TV.  Yes, I would love to autograph your own personal copy of my book on parenting for you :).  
This picture says so much about my family.  
The kids wouldn't take their eyes off the TV (when the thing is on, this is usually the case).  
Samuel picks his juicy lips when he is winding down.
Eva's shirt was buttoned all skiwampus for most of the day.
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Nikki said...

Oh Webkinz. We have a ton of them at our house. and everyday my kids want a different one. It is too funny!

Kathryn said...

I knew they would love the Webkinz Cotton Candy Easter Bunnies. When asked what Webkinz they wanted for Easter, that one was the one they requested. The manager of the Hallmark store that sells Webkinz knows me by name. With 24 grandchildren and tons of holidays, I am constantly buying Webkinzs. The funny thing is Gordon has gotten to be on a first name basis with the postal worker who ships them. When he took in the last batch of Webkinz she said, "It looks like it is time for Webkinz again." Are we nuts?

I love the Star Wars look for Eva. Samuel even sleeps in Star Wars sheets, doesn't he? I think you are a great Mom. Thanks for blogging! It helps me feel like I actually live closer to those adorable kids.


Lindsay said...

Christina, I love your writing and your pictures. and I would love a copy of your parenting book! :) You are so funny. I can tell you are an amazing mom! Seriously. :)

Tamany said...

Great pictures. We just spent a lot of money to have those kinds of pictures taken. Just remind Karl of all the money you are saving him!

Reading your blog is like talking to you in person. Your personality is so apparent in your writing. It is hilarious!

Abbigail said...

Love those easter bunny ears. Kitty also loves her webkinz. She got a lamb this easter. She hasn't discovered the wonder of them on the computer yet. I am keeping that a secret.
Those photos are awesome of the kids. I was the same way with photographers. I could not decide, so I just decided to book it and I am happy with the results. I seem to like everything more when it is of my child! ;)

Malea said...

The kids have been driving me crazy lately, Matt suggested I turn on the television. It worked. Keep on keepin' on. Cool photo's. Is it with a new SLR?

Christina said...

Malea, these were taken with an older Pentax SLR that they don't make anymore. I bought it from my sister who was ready to move on to bigger and better. Though I have loved it and it has been good to me. I, too, am ready to move on.

Emily said...

what's Webkins?? I really must know.

I am SO SO SO amazed by your photography skills. I drool over blog - because it's so beautiful ALL THE TIME!!!!

Princess Eva looks stunning. . .

Michelle said...

I love the toes, and Eva's comment about the hole for hearing!!!

Courtney said...

I heart YOUR photography style.

Christina said...

I actually spelled it wrong. Whoops. It is Webkinz with a z. Sorry.

They are little stuffed animals that have taken on a craze similar to the Beanie Babies craze long ago. Kids collect them like crazy and loving grandmas help out with their collections.

The thing that makes them a "web"kinz is that each toy comes with a code that you enter on their website and it allows you to play games with that pet, name it, buy it clothes, food, etc. You can even connect with other webkinz friends, buy them stuff, play games with them, cook for them, etc. I am sure there is more, but I am not completely webkinz saavy like grandmas and children are.

Crazy, huh? Like Abbi chooses to do, the Web part isn't necessary as the pets are lovable just as they are. Some of them are actually pretty cute. But may never match up to a bobble head mitt romney or a vacuum attachment :).

Adri said...

Soooo cute! I love the pictures you take of your kids. They always looks so happy and clean... my kids seem to always have some kind of food or makeup on there faces. Our TV is on all the time, mostly it's background noise and they are off doing something else.


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