Thursday, April 16, 2009

easter sunday

This is the fourth year in a row that we have found Easter eggs in our backyard.  That Easter bunny is so nice.  I can't believe we have lived in one place for that long.
We could not get these kids to hurry before church.  They just would not be hurried.  Okay, and I was running behind, too.  So, the (candy filled plastic, not real) eggs sat until after church.  The day was nice and sunny.  Think: green house effect. 
They were so excited (well, not excited enough to hurry through breakfast).  The whole reason why we do it.  I didn't buy much candy because I knew how much they would get this weekend.  So, we pulled out the old stuff.  As in, I had to tell Karl that the chocolate with the orange foil that said, "Happy Halloween" on it might be too obvious.  I am sure they don't care.  I love this age.  

A friend gave me this tip:  For every candy wrapper she spots on the floor, she gets to choose a piece of the litter bug's candy.  I realized that with Samuel I have to go for the good stuff (not the Happy Halloween chocolate) or he does not care at all.  

See the third picture?  I caught Samuel being his usual more-is-better self.  He was totally making sure Eva didn't have more than him.
 Eva's hair like this made her look so old.  Crazy.  Tonight, I explained to her that in few years she will be taller than her mommy.  

These pretty little eggs had no idea what was in store for them.

We headed up to Logan for the annual rolling the eggs down Old Main Hill.  The seagulls come and eat all the smashed goodness.  Gross, huh.  As we were climbing out of the car, Eva says, " When we get back to the car, it is going to be covered in bird poop."  Ew.  This is one day that you want to steer clear of those birds.  
This is the second year we have done this.  Children young and old get joy out of this.You roll the egg (or if you are Samuel, you just chuck it) and then chase it, seeing how far it goes until it breaks.  It started out that way but it ended up with Samuel smashing them into the stairs and trees and Eva searching the whole hill for whole ones (I swear, she and I lived during a famine in our past life).
We went with Karl's Grandma Gutke and some of his cousins were there.  Look, our kids matched.  I got Eva her jacket in China and Gabby's jacket is from the Philippines (they live there right now).
The hill is huge and the kids were trying to get Karl to carry them up.  Karl started to ride on Samuel's shoulders and Eva was trying to save Samuel.  
Do you remember riding on your dad's foot like this?  I do.
The tree is just one example of the egg wastage.

Did I mention that the hill was huge?  Samuel would just fly.  Megan and Jaxton (cousins) were so cute coming up the hill.  Megan showed just how treacherous the climb was.  Samuel says that his speed racer egg (thanks to Karl, who draw exact replicas) rolled the fastet.
After all the slightly barbaric waste, we headed to Grandma Gutke's house.  Samuel walked in and immediately started opening her fridge and cupboards and announced that he was hungry.  

We ended up down in the basement where Karl helped her set up a facebook account.  She is so sharp (and apparently very popular).  I put my camera on auto mode and let Eva and Samuel have at it.  Eva took the shot of Samuel and Samuel took that great shot of Eva.


Lindsay said...

Your kids look beautiful in their Easter clothes. and the Easter egg rolling looks so fun...I don't remember ever hearing about that going on at USU until this year. It sounds like a cool tradition. I love that Grandma's on Facebook now, I think I may be the only person left on the planet not on Facebook. I'll have to get on that! :)

Kathryn said...

I love you all! What adorable kids! Thanks for posting the great pictures. I wish I had been with you on Easter. It looks like great fun. I think I want to roll Easter eggs with all of you next year. Gordon said he also used to roll eggs down Old Main Hill when he was young. It is pretty cool that you helped Grandma get on Facebook. She has already connected with some friends from many years ago. Grandma

Emily said...

Ooooooo I love Eva's Easter dress! The picture of Samuel and Eva together is PRICELESS. priceless.

I've said it before but I drool over your amazing photography talent - I'm glad to see you children have also acquired that skill :)

Brooke said...

Hi Christina! I think I just saw you on Justin Hackworth's 30 strangers. You are so cute and photogenic. And your mom and Eva. Holy cow.

Abbigail said...

Fun. I have never done that. I can't even remember the last time I was in Utah for Easter. Maybe next year I will have to come out to roll eggs down the hill. Cool that you got to see all the cousins.


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