Tuesday, April 17, 2012

family photos

Dear Friend That Came and Took These For Us Even Though You Didn't Really Want to But Did Because You Are So Very Nice,
Thank you.  I love them.  They make me smile for lot's of reasons.  
Very Very Sincerely,
 I won't point out how much I don't like my so-bachelor-pad-esque couches because that would be negative.  And why be negative with such a happy photo?  It takes me a while to make my house my own.  Especially because we live on a little island.  But we will get there.   And maybe it won't be until the day before we move :).
 We are trying to be serious.  
I wanted to get a few family photos in our house (ugly furniture and all) because I love to look back on them and remember.  I wish we would have done this in all our homes.
Same expression.  Same long hair.

 And this picture.  Well, it kinda captured our family at this point in our lives all in one shot.  


Pete said...

Great looking family Christina! By the way, Karl, has commented to you that you look like an early Brigham Young? Any chance of growing in the long beard?

Abbigail said...

Beautiful! Your dress is really pretty and you all look fantastic. Can't wait to see you this summer and you can marvel at my baby belly.
I am quite sure that Hawaii seems to be causing reverse aging on you and Karl. It is the fountain of youth.

Kris Tina said...

If I could like Abbi's comment - I would. Also you have now made it that I want to get family pictures taken at my house. Such a great idea. Also when you come out here will you teach me how to sew and be awesome like you? Pretty please. And if I could talk Greg into growing out his hair I would - curses to that strict work dress code!

Jamie said...

So very cute! Our family pictures this Easter were a huge flop. Oh well. Maybe next year i'll have to try taking them in our house!

Cydnee said...

I was actually thinking that botox was probably Karl's secret to eternal youth :). You guys all look awesome!

jamie parker said...

With beautiful people such as these, living in your home, dressed in colorful and lovely attire...furniture is just a waste! You make your home beautiful:) xo


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