Tuesday, April 24, 2012

narcoleptic stretchy pants

Some of my besties aren't on Facebook.  And they're not even Amish.  Hehehe.  They probably just dedicate their time to probably more productive things.  But not me.  I am a junkie.  My last post went like this:

Stuff. We do this thing where I try to put stuff away as fast as I can and they try to get it out faster than I can put away. At night, when they are asleep, I get ahead and do lots of putting away. And in the morning we start this not very awesome at all game all over again.

I have a hard time enjoying all of this stuff moving. But I'm working on it.  I didn't realize it, but it's pretty much what I signed up for.
Life is a little crazy in these parts.  When I am not home moving stuff we are running around trying to pack in as much good time as we can.  So, last week, we were picking up Eva and Samuel from their friends' house and we were rushing to the beach.  We backed out and heard a *crunch*!  Karl got out to find a saggy ukulele bag on the ground.  Samuel was kind enough to grab Eva's ukulele for her but his service ends at the car, I guess.  He just dumped  it on the ground, we didn't notice, climbed in, and totally ran over it.  This is where we are glad that we are flakes and never started Eva in violin.  And for some reason this seems so significant to me.  Like this situation paints such a clear picture of my family.  We ran over the ukulele while rushing off the to beach.
So, here's another one that just really paints a picture of me...
I had heard that this book was good and it had really good reviews on Amazon.  I am sick of spending so much of my life moving stuff.  It seems silly.  So I ordered this book.  Seven: On Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.  And then I couldn't remember if I ordered and so I ordered it again.  Again!  I don't even like to buy books but this one is so new that the library didn't have it.  And I wanted to hurry and have less so I had to rush and buy this.  Twice!  Awesome, huh?
I have been in a stretchy pants kind of mood lately.  You know, because I have a lot of stuff moving to do and it seems like stretchy pants are the appropriate attire.  But here is my problem.  Stretchy pants feel like pajamas.  And pajamas make me sleepy.  So, I would be all gung ho about cleaning and start something and then Maximus would want me to do something so I would sit down and read a book and then I would lay down and before I knew it, I was dreaming.  And stuff like that kept happening.  So, not only do decisions paralyze me, so does stuff moving.  And stretchy pants make me sleepy.  Okay, okay, lately maybe being awake makes me sleepy.  

One day, the kids will be all grown up, and I won't have so much family stuff to move around. I understand that.  And one day I won't fall asleep the minute I sit down to do something or put stretchy pants on.  I understand that, too.  And one day, we won't be rushing so much that we do things like run over Eva's ukulele that she uses for school ukulele club.  And one day, maybe, hopefully, I won't order an excessive amount of books against excess.  Maybe.


Kristi said...

I just read a few pages on Amazon and it was great. It reminded me of your writing style. Just a little piece of Pook in my head.

Michelle said...

I love it when a post makes me laugh out loud and that's what I did when I got to the ironic part of you ordering two books.... Christina! Thank you! I seriously needed to laugh today. That was sooo funny. I'm still laughing. We play that "game" here to, but why does your messy pictures look so freakin' clean?? Seriously, I think you have the cleanest messiest house ever!!! Take care!

Abbigail said...

This was great!!! I want the other seven book. I always want to clean and minimize but I am too tired.

Kris Tina said...

First off, I just ordered plastic mason jar covers - thank you thank you thank you for the recommendation. I use mason jars for storage stuff in my house all the time. Second - I call the book after Abbi reads it. Third, there is nothing wrong with naps. Fourth, I think the missionaries scarred me for life when it comes to ukulele music.

jamie parker said...

I request to be 3rd in line for the book...after Kris. I hate to tell you, but moving stuff and stretchy pants and nap; hangs around in later years, too... so fall in love with it now:) That ukelele feels so significant to my life as well....great metaphor in picture form:) I have been behind in reading your blog posts and have missed laughing lately! How happy I am to know you:)

Christina said...

Michelle, I promise you that our messes are not clean. I only post the ones that will not make parents cover their children's eyes or not let them come to our house. I have seen how you keep your house and you totally win on this contest. Sorry :).


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