Monday, April 30, 2012


The text comes in at 6:30 in the morning.  Wants to know what we are doing.  Before the rest of the family is awake, the whole hike is planned.  All before I have even rolled out of bed.

My mom makes a feast, we pack it up, load up the car (these are all huge feats.  Huge), and we head toward the beach.

We meet our friends, and some new friends, and we start on our way.

First stop, this hole in ground that blows air.  So the kids throw dirt and rocks inside and the hole blows them right back out.  
Here is the crew, nearing the end.  Where I come from, a view like this is very special.  Cool rocks.  Cool people.
 And usually, we would pull out our sandwiches like everyone.  But my mom was here.  So, we kinda had a big ol feast.  Rice, chicken karaage, tsukemono, fruit... Oh, and the little opihi.

 After, we did some playing.  
Maximus and Uncle Jason.  Having a sumo showdown of sorts.
 Hand stand contests...
Playing in picturesque little forts...
 Mom and Auntie doing a little tai chi on the beach...
 And sister...
 Sometimes the best memories are made when they are aren't all planned out.  
No expectations. 
On this hike we met a few more families.  One family we met, with two kids, once lived on a sailboat for a whole year.  I know it took a ton of planning, but the heart of it is so stinkin' spontaneous, right?  So many reasons why a family shouldn't just drop whatever and go for an adventure.  
And most of the time, the boring day to days win.  These days, the day to day seems to win.  The sail boat family inspires me.  Us, on that day that we woke up and decided to go on the big beautiful hike, inspires me.


pamela said...

such a good reminder to be more spontaneous! thanks!

Abbigail said...

What a fantastic day! The fort made on the beach was lovely. I didn't even know what most of the food was that your mom packed, but I still want to eat it all.

Family Travellers said...

I really do miss those care free days of family time at the beach. When we felt stir crazy and ready to beat each other up, all we had to do was walk across the street to the beach. I hope you're enjoying every minute of Kauai.


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