Thursday, April 12, 2012

maximus' first easter egg hunt

Maximus had his first Easter Egg hunt with the play group kids.  All the little kids that aren't in school yet.  The perfect age where the kids put baskets on their heads.  
 Maximus was kind of the youngest.  
 But he held his own.
See that green egg in his hand?  See how they hid eggs in the fence?  Max thought the egg wanted to be back in the fence so he shoved his egg back in.  You know, make sure it was really really hidden so no one else can ever get it.  

 He was super proud of himself.  Cracked himself up there, even.
 You kinda hope they don't realize there is melted chocolate and sticky jelly beans in those eggs.  Just want them to have joy in the finding, I guess?  But it only took a few minutes for him to find the chocolate.  
And the grass and the dirt.  He found that stuff, too, and added some to his basket.  
From the look on his face, I'd say he is a pretty big fan of the whole find the eggs, put them in the basket, hide some of these, sit where you are, open them, eat chocolate (and a little foil), let it dribble down your face thing.  Wouldn't you?

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marilynl said...

I am living vicariously through you! Life always looks so good on a blog. I hope you love your life as much as I do!


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