Thursday, April 5, 2012

dad, dolphins, whales

My parents were in town.  It was awesome.  We did so much, saw so much, ate so much.  Still recovering from the ate so much part.  But I am okay with that.  I love happy eating.  

We went on Napali Riders so my dad could have an experience like we did last year.  It took a while for the weather to agree with us but, finally, the last day that my dad was here, he got to go.  And I am so glad.

For me, the dolphins stole the show.
So pretty, right?
 It was so fun to see how high they would launch.
 Okay, last one of the dolphins.  I just loved them.
 I thought this was pretty exciting, too.  My kids sitting this close to each other and they aren't fighting.  
 We rode inside these caves.  It was so scary.  But that cool kind of scary where you know that you will be fine.  Probably.
 Yep, the Napali coast is still beautiful...
 ...and majestic.
 The whales were good to us, too.
 Though, not the greatest shot, I likes the coloring on the tail.
 One whale liked us and hung out with us for a while.  I guess most of the action was going on under water.  Karl got to help a little bit with the underwater filming.
To be honest, because I always like to be honest, I didn't see much of the whale stuff.  I was mostly sitting on the bottom of the boat. Napping with my kids.  That's how I handle things when rides make me feel yucky.  I nap.  I love naps, so it's not always a bad thing. 
Here we are at the end of the ride.  We survived.  Well, the kids and I survived.  Karl and my dad thrived. 
 Nothing like a little boat ride to remind me that the ocean is big, we are small, boats can be bumpy (at least in front where we were.  It was so funny to fly up when we hit a bump and then look at the back of the boat and the people were sitting peacefully), our friends are so nice, nature is very very very beautiful, and a few bumps and sleepy times are totally worth it.


pamela said...

this looks amazing!!

jamie parker said...

I love these photos! What an amazing experience. Love your posts....thankful for you:)


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