Friday, February 27, 2009

Go Murray! Go Scarf! Go Hair! Go China!

A while back Eva and Katie went to a little cheer clinic that the Murray cheerleaders put. They had two practices, sat together for the first half of the basketball game and then did a cheer and a little dance during half time. She loved it. Driving home from the first practice, Eva was saying one of the cheers and couldn't remember the words. I helped her out. She was amazed that I knew the words. Well, Eva, Mommy wasn't always that old lady that just cleans your house and drives you around. I love it that when I amaze you and you think I am a genius. From what I hear, it won't be for long. So, I am enjoying it while it lasts.

Unrelated #1:

to short. Not to heavy, but still warm. A great punch of color for my mostly neutrals wardrobe. Went with everything. Always got compliments wearing this thing. This is the only picture I can find of it, Eva is wearing it because it was fu-reeeee-zing and Mom let her out in a flimsy coat (uh, parenting mistake # one billion and three?). I didn't know I would need a picture of it for this tribute of sorts.

I loved this scarf. I lost this scarf. Went to the rec center. Didn't want to wear it after exercising. Too hot. Carelessly stuck in/on my bag. Gone. So sad. So so sad.

Just a scarf, right? That is what I thought. I have had two dreams that I have found that scarf. I wake up and go check the places that I see in my dreams. Sorry, cold neck. But I guess that is your choice that you would rather be cold than wear an ugly scarf.

Unrelated #2:

I love Samuel's hair like this.

He does not. He started complaining, "I don't want my hair to grow!" He even woke up in the middle of the night upset about it. He is obsessed with girls having long hair and boys having short hair.

I finally took him to get it cut. He was so excited. He didn't even know I was taking him to the Disneyland of salons. Cookie Cutters is insane. They get to choose a movie, choose a car to sit in, they get a sucker and a balloon when they are done, and they have a slide for the kid to play on while Mom pays. Amazing. Totally worth my $8 (with my coupon). See photo number 2? If I ever were to become a hair cutter person, is it rude to ask you to remind me to not wear little cap sleeves? Just wondering.

Okay. So the REAL reason I took him to get his shag chopped off is because Karl and his dad are going to China and the wives are tagging along. My mom is so nice to watch Eva and Samuel. I am so lucky to have such great, free babysitting. But, I would be terrible if the same thing happened again!

I have been to China twice before. Once, when I was a college student, I carried everything in my backpack, and 8 of us would cram into a rat infested hostel (not hotel) room just to save what I am sure is the equivalent of like two dollars. The second time we were going to move there so we spent most of the time looking for an apartment. My "roughing it" days are over and we aren't looking for a place to live this time (or ever, again).  

Seems like a lot of people have gone there lately (I mean Amy and T and any other friends). Anything suggestions on things I should (or shouldn't) do? We are going to Beijing and Changchun.  This time I do plan on having more than two dollars. Hmmm, maybe I can find a cute new scarf.


Kathryn said...

Eva looks like a great little cheerleader. I love her splits! Sam looks really into his hair cut. That hair salon looks fun. I would think kids would love having their hair cut there. What a clever theme for a salon. Your blog is so much fun to read! Grandma

Malea said...

Where did you live and why in China? And where are you going, and why now? I love details in travel stories, mine or anyone else's.

Malea said...

...meant to say where in China are you going.

Anonymous said...

Have fun in China! I am jealous, I love to travel and I have never been there. Saying those cheers really takes you back doesn't it. Meg did that once and loved it. She thought I was crazy when I knew all the words and steps. It is kind of funny how our kids do think we are so ancient and boring. If they only knew.

Emily said...

Ha! I love your blog!
China + free babysitting = awesome.
bring me back a scarf too. . .

mmm.chocolate said...

I've been giving this a lot of thought and have decided that if it were me going to China, besides the obvious sight-seeing and eating tons of yummy Chinese food, I would also want to get a massage every day (so inexpensive!) and buy a gorgeous new wardrobe in Beijing. Of course, I'm sure you already know to only pay about 20% of the original asking prices. Have a fabulous time! I'm so happy for you.


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