Monday, July 21, 2008

Free babysitting

I am so grateful for my parents for watching my kids while we were in Sun Valley.

I love that my kids can spend time with people that love them. It is also nice to not have to pay a 16 year old to come watch my kids. Now, I use the term "free babysitting" loosely because (notice Samuel's cute shag haircut above?) apparently there was a price to pay.
Note to self: When Mom has been suggesting haircut ideas for Samuel, she will take the initiative if you leave him in her care for 4 days. Now mine and my siblings' childhood hair "don'ts" are making so much more sense. She just wacked his bangs into some drunken mullet Bjork type thing. Mortified, I said, "so they went to church like this?" She said, "No, I cut three days ago." Three days. Like this. In my home town.
I made an emergency phone call to the salon this morning. My favorite girl wasn't there but it had to be fixed. We tried to give him a regular haircut but it wasn't working. Those "business in front" bangs were having none of that business. We tried three different styles, one resembled Moe of the three stooges and one resembled my dad's, each getting progressively shorter and ended up just taking it all off. Fans of Samuel's previous hair do, I mourn with you.

And Eva, gentle, innocent Eva. Although Eva has had some hair traumas in her lifetime. She just needed a little trim today. She is was so stinkin' calm it was cracking us up. (See that haircutter lady's hair? Is that what my mom was going for with Samuel's hair? They look strangely similiar don't they?


Nikki said...

Samuel's new short cut looks very cute, although I did like the old hair too. Oh well it will grow.

Michelle said...

I bet Grandma Gutke is doing a happy dance as she is reading this. Now if only she could get your mom to cut Karl's hair too.;-)

Marilyn said...

I read the reasons why you think I don't leave a comment and felt guilty because I always read your blog and never comment so........ Here it is, a comment on how much I enjoy reading about your cute family. And thank heaven for people who actually went to school to learn how to properly cut hair!
Aunt Marilyn L

Courtney said...

At least you can blame the misstep on your mom. I often wonder if people look at my kids with pitty. We pretty much to the at home "salon" for the boys everytime.

jhmorris said...

On your "reasons why you didn't list a comment," you didn't say:

Because you don't know me at all, although you do find my blog very amusing, as a fellow SAHM.

BTW, I had an awful Inspiron too. From week 2 we had problems!

Heath'e' said...

I feel your pain his hair was cute long, but luckily with the help of the salon it is cute short. What is it with us moms and our moms wanting to cut hair. My mom cut my nephews hair who spent a month alone with them at the cabin, all I could think is I'm so glad that isn't my kid because I would have been mortified. but Rich gets mad at me because I routinely trim Kaiya's bangs or a little off the bottom of Jarron's luckily their hair has wave/curl so it isn't so obvious!

Emily said...

I am busting up laughing!!! You are SUCH a funny writer - And I DO mourn Samuels shag hair. . . My dream is that one day my kids look as cool as yours.

Abbigail said...

I think that Sam's bangs were rockin'! They are like a fashion mullet. Well, everything looks amazing on him. That is seriously too funny. I wonder what she would do to Kitty's hair.


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