Monday, July 21, 2008

African Ice... for the Whole Family

I usually post food reviews on my CYI blog but this was such a great family activity that I just had to share here. I read about African Ice in one of my favorite blogs and loaded up the kids the first chance we got. For more details on the place check out their post. For a dollar extra they can sweeten your snowcone with agave nectar instead of sugar and it was so good! If you don't know what agave nectar is you can ask my friend, Courtney, who could be the Agave Nectar spokeswoman. Eva got caramel (I was wary but it was delicious), Samuel got Mango Madness, and I got Mango Pina Colada with a dash of cream (yep, heavy cream... ). Usually with a fruity frozen treat I am over it by the time I am 2/3 done but finish because I paid money for it. Not this one, I wanted more. For every snowcone you buy, they give you a Kenyan coin and they have little donation funnels set up under a description of three different African people that will benefit from your snowcone purchase. You get to choose who you give the coin to send it down one of those twisty funnel things. The kids loved it.

I haven't had shaved ice this good since Matsumoto's Shaved Ice in Hawaii.

Yum. I will go back often, way more that five times.

Note: I just talked to Courtney and like a true Agave Spokeswoman she has already tried this place out. She went to the one on 21st and 21st and said it was, "eh." So, if you are going to go, go to the one on Bengal Blvd.

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