Monday, July 21, 2008

Goodbye, Sun Valley

Things I will miss:
The beautiful scenery
Karl took these photos by a river.
Things that also took place here:
Skipped lots of rocks.
Admired the mansion that backed the river.
Karl taught me how to do "lazy eye." The photos were too close up so I won't share.
Karl decided we needed a slice of a log that is 3 feet in diameter and about 1 foot thick so he seriously loaded into the back of the car and brought it home.
The amazing shopping
I got all this stuff from the Gold Mine Thrift store and a gold mine it was. Ice skates (practically new) and some pants for Eva, 3 shirts for Samuel, 1 sweater and some Paul Frank pajama bottoms for me, two games, one book, and 1 pair of tiny Keens, all for $24. I love thrift stores in rich people lands.

Since the bed is in the photo, I should mention that I will miss not having to make my bed myself. And if I want chocolates on my pillow tonight, I will have to put them there myself, too. This is also where I read Austenland (I should probably be embarrassed by how much I loved it) by Shannon Hale from cover to cover and it didn't matter that I was up so late because no one needed me in the morning.

The great restaurants
Rickshaw, Ketchum Burrito, Ketchum Grill, Cristina's (the guy told me, "We should be able to get you right in since the place is named after you), Il Nasa, Buffalo Bites, Vintage... Karl's meals were paid for so our excuse for indulging? "It's half price." I also will miss the fact that calories don't seem to count when we are there. Maybe it is all the walking. Or maybe it is being around all those people that are exercising. I don't know.

Okay, the dark photo in the middle? Two reasons it is dark 1)My cell pone has no flash 2)The dessert was slightly obscene but not so obscene that I couldn't post it. A mousse filled chocolate shell complete with a hazel nut on top. Appropriately (and comically) named the Chocolate Chi-Chi. Guess who ordered it? Hint: it wasn't me, I don't really like mousse.
The great atmosphere
Chili pepper and Zucchini growing behind me in my patio seat, people being all outdoorsy and healthy...
Things I learned about myself:

I don't like dogs.
There are dogs everywhere up here. I found myself taking the long way around stuff to dodge them. This dog followed me around and the owner acted like I should be all flattered instead of scared. This is the baby/pet isle in the fancy grocery store. Yep, babies and pets in the same category. There was 3 times as much pet crap as there was baby stuff. I do like people that like dogs. But I have been bit twice and one time when we were house/ dog sitting in Palo Alto I was so scared of the dogs. They cornered me into the laundry room downstairs. I had to call Karl to come home from work to get Eva (who was a baby at the time) and me out. Dumb dogs.

If I had $674 to spend on a dress it would be easier to find a cute one that covered everything that I want it to.

I have never seen a crack addict when they are going through withdrawal but I don't need to. I am pretty sure it looks just like Karl when he is away from his blackberry (crackberry).
I love the movie Mamma Mia (we saw it there) and wish I knew songs from beginning to end (I am one of those people that only know the chorus of any song) so I could belt them out.
If I want to look half as good as the ladies at the Zumba class that I went to, I need to start now. I was seriously at least 15 years younger than the average age in there (the teacher was 55 and was such a babe with tons and tons of energy) and definately the least fit. I was trying to hide in the back and the cute teacher kept talking to me the whole time while she danced because I was the new girl.
She said, "So how many times have you done this?" I should have lied and said never and that I have been in a coma for two years and that is why I am so out of shape.
She said, "Look at you! You have done this before!" I tried to respond but it was messing me up and ended up smiling and saying, "I can't talk and move at the same time."
Sun Valley, thanks for the memories!


Nikki said...

Sounds like a fun trip!!! I need to plan one of those.

Heath'e' said...

looks like you had a fun trip. and a lot of yummy food too. I bet it was great to be w/o kids, what a nice break!

Annie P said...

I have never been to Sun Valley. I think we need to make a trip - we just need to make up a work excuse to make it half-price style.

Michelle said...

Call me next time you want to Zumba at Gold's. Maybe we can stand it the back together :-)


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