Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stupid Stupid Technology

You know how on the Jerk he names his dog Stupid (on the TV version, this is a family friendly blog here). That is my computer's new name... Stupid. I took it the the computer doctor so it would be less stupid and for 200+ dollars (sorry Karl) and it helped a little. Now, it came up with a new trick. The screen goes mega dark after about 48 seconds of use and the only way to make it so I can see the screen again is to close it (it's a laptop) completely, open it completely and then bring up it until I can see it. So Stupid, just so you know, I was hoping to blog my trip since this place is so great.
Times I shut and opened my computer to make this blog entry: 8. Now that is some blog dedication.


Anonymous said...

At that point you just purchase a new lap top. Holy crap that would drive me nuts. You are a dedicated blogger, I definitely would have given up.

Christina said...

Imagine me saying this with a whiney voice, "But I paid so much money for it so it is just so hard to throw it away..." Annoying, huh? Yep, I am annoying myself. I hate getting rid of stuff.


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