Thursday, July 17, 2008

aaahhh, Sun Valley

ATM Machine?
Would you also like me to enter my PIN Number?

Us being us, we left 5 hours than we planned. Dropped the kids, who could not care less that we were leaving, at the Grandparents house. Hit traffic. Karl endured by listening to a radio show on CD that I got from the library, "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves." The book (there is a book with this same title) is based off this show and is completely about GRAMMAR and he loved it like I love things that are actually interesting. One entire show on apostrophes. No kidding. I endured by sleeping through it. I did however learn a great tip that all you Pinks would like to know. When a possessive and a conjunction (ie. its and it's) are both fighting over the apostrophe, the conjunction always wins.
After that winner of CD and my nap was over I was getting antsy so we stopped at Jakes Over the Top. I love their ice cream but once my shake was gone I was antsy again. So I pulled out this thing that I bought from my friend... a bunch of questions all on a handy ring and started firing away. Things like, if you could be an animal what would it be and why? Karl would say something like, "A Liger." We quickly realized that the pattern went like this: Question, Karl's joke of an answer, my sarcastic response, a really long time and then a real response. Unless I got too impatient and just moved on to the next question. I am pretty sure that isn't what Family Fun (the company that makes it) intended. But it passed the time, I highly recommend it.
Karl is up here for some work thing and so I get lots of solo shopping time. They have so many great restaurants up here and those of you that know me, know that is what makes the place great. We have lots of favorites but we tried a new place, Rickshaw, today and loved it. I give more details on my CYI blog. In the morning, I am going to wake up whenever I want to and relish in the fact that by doing so, I am not neglecting anyone.


Pete said...

I've been wanting to read that book for a while. I'm glad Karl put his stamp of approval on it.

Michelle said...

Sun Valley is one of my favorite places. I'm jealous! Have a great time with all that fabulous food!

Dianne & Sean said...

I, too, love Sun Valley, but I love grammar even more. I'll have to check out that book--it sounds like fun. Yes, you read correctly--FUN :) It's okay if you didn't like it, Christina. I'll still read your blog.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up !!!I love your thing about comments ! I am so tired,we moved out yesterday but I think you deserve a comment after your funny thing about comments!!!
I dont usually leave comments because I can't write english well.You guys have fun there ok?
Miss you

Grow Family said...

Hey I just discovered your blog. I usually don't comment much but you guilted me into it. :) You are so creative & have such fun posts (plus your kids are adorable!) My neighborhood is the opposite of yours, I think I'm the only mom who doesn't stay at home. I'm slightly jealous!


Kami said...

so, i've left three? i think, comments tonight...your comment thing really works. the last time I was in Sun Valley I was "nannying" for a family from CA (i lived there at the time) and they treated me like i was a mooch...i want to go back to make better think of me and it will take me one step closer. enjoy the rest, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

That is great story! I have to sleep too when on road trips with Ted. I can not do sports talk radio. I would rather stab myself in the ear with a pencil than listen to that. Sun Valley is a great place. So beautiful. I hope you have a great time.


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