Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Bees Game

The Bees Game "Bests"

  • The Bees game tickets were free, they gave them to us the last day of T-Ball.
  • I decked the kids out in all their T-Ball gear because I have a lack of gear phobia ever since, according to Karl, I failed for their first T-Ball game. They were a sight.
  • Since the kids had the Bees logo on their T-Ball shirt they yell, "Look! It's our T-Ball!" every time they see it on the bus, the banner in the sky, Trax, the entire stadium...
  • Eva loaded up a purse that I had in my childhood but never had the nerve (or the muscles, that thing is heavy) to actually take it anywhere.
  • The Big League Chew. It entertained us for the first 90 minutes of the game. Besides its brief appearance in Napoleon Dynamite, I haven't seen that stuff in forever.
  • After telling my kids over and over that you don't touch other peoples' gum, I catch Karl on camera contradicting me.
  • I found great nachos (Roasted chicken, fresh salsa, guacamole, at a baseball game? Yahoo!)
  • After the charm of the Big League Chew wore off, Eva reaches into her 1970's stamped leather purse and pulls out a hair net full of taffy... the one that we got from the Sweets Candy Factory tour.
  • Eva saw a "Little Person" (is that PC? I am not good at being PC) and yelled, "Look, there is a little daddy!"
  • Samuel was fascinated by the train. We just waited until he figured out that he could ride it. By the time he started begging, we were too late, they closed. But they did gave us free tickets for the Heber Valley Railroad as consolation.
  • They have this great playground... so great that we had to use all our parenting force to get our kids off.
  • Eva got to run the bases after the game. Samuel, who spends all his waking hours running, refuses to run on demand and stood there with a stubborn I-am-not-going-to-budge-and-am-just-going-to-stand-here-and-make-you-look-ridiculous-while-you-try-and-force-me look on his face.
  • Oh, and those guys down there on the field in the Bees uniform playing, uh, baseball, I think it was? I think they won.


mmm.chocolate said...

Sounds like fun! I especially liked that last one about Samuel :-) So true!

Kris Tina said...

Um Big League Chew has always been delicious - and good nachos at a baseball game? Crap - we better not tell Ross.

Michelle said...

The best parts of going to a Bees game is all the other stuff besides the actual game! Hope you are having fun in SV!

Kami said...

ah, i love your blog. its funny. i love how you don't take life too serious. we hardly ever make it through the end of a game because the effect wears off pretty quickly...we still haven't used our tball tickets. I'm proud that you decked the kids out...good team spirit! :)


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