Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eva, so glad you joined our family...

Six pounds 9 ounces. You were a tiny little thing.

Then you grew and grew. I love your face in this picture. Look at you all comfortable at the former stomping grounds of the president.
You grew into a great artist. Look at the art work on your face.
You grew into a great lover of literature. You still need a book to go to bed. You are sleeping at your grandparents' house tonight and you called me and reminded me to pack some books next time. Oops.
You grew into a lover of beautiful things. You decorated my room for me. Materials: 4 plastic kids cups. 4 fake flowers. Instructions: Place a flower in each of the cups. Line them up on the dresser.
You grew into a beautiful girl. With great big charming eyes. (You still let me dress you and do your hair. From what I hear, I am lucky. Thank you. I seriously love doing these things so much).
You grew into a real live princess and out of the fakey Disney kind. I once described Disney Princesses as crack for little girls. You loved them. But, now, you are done. I can't believe it. You still have an invisible crown.
You grew into a sweet, big sister. Samuel was grouchy, so you made him breakfast in bed. Menu: cereal, milk, a clementine, and... m&ms. YOUR m & ms. You are so sweet.
You grew out of dress-ups in general. You said you are done. Kinda sad. But that is okay. You are a real live "Wumer woman," too.
Just to remember:
You like your covers off.
You like your toast with butter. Just butter. No jam, no honey. And you leave a little pile of crusts.
You don't like jeans (but even your stretchy pants bug you sometimes).
When you are frustrated (like when your stretchy pants are bugging) sometimes you don't say anything, you just rub your feet together and kind of grunt.
You are an excellent folder. You put me to shame with your neat towel piles.
Your hands get really dry on the back. I don't know why, they just do.
You are a saver. Just like your Mom. You like to save things because you can make something out of it later.
You can play for hours which means you never get bored which means you have a great imagination.
You completely zone out (or in, however you say it) when the tv is on.
You love cantaloupe (so sorry that I am not a good melon buyer).
You crack me up (I found a little box in your room. Opened it, and there were little locks of hair from several different dolls and ponies. Wish I would have taken a picture).
You are so forgiving (except when we take you to a too scary movie like Coraline. You still remind me daily that we shouldn't have taken you). Lucky for Samuel. Lucky for me.
You grew from a tiny little Eva bean (I remember calling you that, you were so tiny) into an amazing six (oh my goodness, that sounds so old!) year old.


Angela said...

This is my favorite post of yours! I love the way you described Eva.I hope you are printing this out for her for later down the road. She will need to read this someday. You are a great mom. Happy Birthday Eva!!!

Here is what I am doing with Jaxton. First thing, I bought him a tiny little flash light that he can put under his pillow. This way if he ever gets scared he can turn it on. Since him and Gabby share a room I couldn't do a night light because Gabby won't sleep with one on. And then I bought a roll of those "admit one tickets" and a cardboard piggy bank. Every morning Jaxton wakes up if he layed alone in his room the night before and sleeps in his own room all night he gets a ticket. (He is allowed to come in to our room to talk to us if he is scared, he just can't sleep in our bed). Then he gets a ticket which he puts in the box. After he earns 10 tickets he gets to either choose a new toy or pick a fun outing to go on. I am hoping that he will make a habit out of it and we won't have to continue the ticket thing after 10. He responds well to incentives, so this is working well for us. Hope it helps you. The flashlight thing has been awesome! Samuel might really like that. Good luck. I hope something works for you too. :)

five-one-and-a-half said...

What a sweet girl and a sweet post! I remember being sad when Kali grew out of the Disney princess phase. Eva's brown eyes remind me of my Emi's. My other two have Brian's blue eyes and I remember telling Emi when she was still in my belly that if she didn't come out with brown eyes and brown hair, I was sending her back. I guess she listened.

Michelle said...

It seems like just yesterday we were in Chicago and heard about your rush from your school to the hospital and the speedy delivery of cute Eva. Wow, time really does fly. She is so special and so beautiful. I'm glad for both of you that you have each other.

Heath'e' said...

I loved this! I can't believe how fast they grow! Six already! Happy Birthday Eva!

Malea said...

Perfect post. This is why we blog.

Lindsay said...

That was so sweet and so well written...I loved reading it Christina! You are such a good and loving mom. I can't believe Eva is six either...I still remember he as this tiny and chubby and cute little 3-month-old from when we live in Santa Clara. I still remember you telling me about her stinky neck. :) do you know what I'm talking about? She has grown into a lovely (and I'm sure not at all stinky) little girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eva. Great post! She is so incredible beautiful and grown up. It is so crazy how fast time cruises by. Think how fast these first six years went. How fast do you think the next six will go? It freaks me out if I think about that too much.

Abbigail said...

happy birthday beautiful Eva! I adore this post.


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