Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eva's First Day of Kindergarten

Little Eva every year in front of the pine tree on the first day of school... at 3, at 4, and at 5 years old:
It kind of makes my heart hurt to see the old pictures of her and to realize that she is going to keep growing.
This year she chose to wear that dress because it had "sparkles" and orange, her new favorite color. Eva, unlike her brother, loves school and basically everything about it.
For reasons that I think are lame, the bus will not pick her up but it will drop you off. She was so excited to ride the bus. Her second grade friend, Saige, helped her get off on the right stop.
Today, Eva said to Karl, "Do you know what I showed my teacher?"
Karl- Yes.
Karl- Really?
Eva- Yes, I showed my teacher, then another teacher, then another teacher.
Karl- At the same time?
Eva- No.
I know that after enough school she will stop doing things like that. She will also stop writing little notes that she spells out phonetically. I guess one day I will not be able to do her hair in ribbons and flowers and choose her clothes. That makes me sad. I guess for now, I just need to appreciate it.


Kathryn Geddes said...

What a beautiful Kindergarten student! I wish she attended my school, and I could see her every day. The belly roll thing is sooo funny! She is totally entertaining. Grandma

Adri said...

So cute! My little one, Lydia her favorite color is orange too. It has been ever since she was just a baby. She loves anything orange. That's good that she loves school so much, makes it easier on mom.

Michelle said...

Eva wins the "best dressed, cutest girl" award. I cannot believe she is in Kindergarten!! Don't you wish you could turn back the clock and be in our Chicago days again? OK well, maybe not Chicago, but at least when our kids were still so little and fresh from heaven? Time flies. When are we ever gonna see you guys again?

Angela said...

She looks adorable in those pictures. It is sad to see them grow up isn't it? I am glad she loves school.

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful. Wasn't that a difficult day. I guess I have been sending Meg to school since she was two, but there is something different about public school. I can't believe how fast our children are growing up.

Abbigail said...

she is getting so big, she is so adorable. I love her. Kitty is getting so big too. It is so strange.


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