Thursday, September 18, 2008

Four Days, Four Trips to the Frozen Yogurt Shop

... and the fifth day we went for just plain old ice cream.

I didn't mean for this week to be a frozen yogurt fest. It just happened that way. Frozen Yogurt seemed to be a staple back in our high school days but have been replaced by shakes, marble slab ice cream with the mix-ins, smoothies, and the latest... gelato. But now I crave frozen yogurt again. Not the "I am foolishly trying to taste like ice cream but with less fat" kind of yogurt, but the, "I actually taste like yogurt and am happy with that" kind of frozen yogurt.

Monday: Yogurt Stop
I have driven past this place several times a week and had never (despite the message in the name) stopped. I walked in and was surprised with what I saw. A bunch of self serve frozen yogurt machines. One of them was labeled, "Tart" and I knew that was the stuff that I had been craving. Of course, I could not be disloyal to chocolate so I got a little of that stuff, too. I love buffets because I can totally control what I eat, and this is the buffet of yogurts... yahoo! They had a plethora of toppings to choose from including fresh berries (not gooey syrupy sugared kind), chocolate and caramel sauce, and tons of candies, cookies, and sprinkles. One of my (many) favorite parts about this place is that you pay according to the weight. 39 cents an ounce. Even though they didn't have my favorite toppings (like the ones at Red, mochi, and tiny chocolate chips), I was happy with this place and put it on my must go back list.

Tuesday: Red Mango
The first time I went there I was in the mood for an ooey gooey super sweet dessert and this place didn't hit that spot. So I was disappointed. Then, my sister and Courtney (BFF) raved about this place so much thought I needed to give it one (or five) more try. Now, I crave the stuff. I love the toppings (mochi might be an acquired taste but conveniently, I acquired that taste long ago. At this place it kind of tastes like a chewy ricey marshmallow) at this place but not the price. A small with 3 toppings is almost five bucks. Family of four, with two kids that freak out at the mention of the word, "share," dessert at that price adds up pretty fast.

Wednesday: Yogurt Stop
See? I said I would go back. This time with my family so I could share the joy. The Wednesday night crowd was much different than the Monday afternoon crowd and since no one in my family was a 12 year old girl, we were kind of out of place. But we don't mind being out of place. Samuel was in the shop, had grabbed a bowl and was ready to dispense his chocolate stuff by the time we caught up to him. The best part, we all got what we wanted, no one had to share. Oh, the best best part is that we put all 4 yogurts on the scale and the total price was just a little over 8 dollars. I'll be yogurt stopping there more often (that pun SO reminds me of my friend Cyd). Next time I will get a Boba drink, because I love them.

Thursday: Spoon Me
I have noticed this place for a while but thought it was just another ice cream shop. Got a coupon (I am a coupon lover) in the mail and it said that it was a yogurt shop. Coupon in hand, we headed to Spoon Me. This place was going for the same hip, streamlined look that Red Mango was. I ordered the original with mango, chocolate chips (not mini... sad), and coconut. Looks like if I want mochi I am going to have to go to Red Mango. I liked the earth friendly bowls and spoons (I love a good gimmick) and the kids liked the twisty chairs. Eva didn't like the sour yogurt at all and just picked through to the mini Nilla wafers. Samuel and I loved it. The price was the same as Red Mango.

Friday: Iceberg
A family favorite... shakes the size of your head. I didn't want to push my yogurt luck and went with the flow when my family wanted ice cream.

*Let me know if you want addresses, and I will google them for you :)


five-one-and-a-half said...

In my opinion, you can never have too much frozen yogurt or Ice cream! My new addiction is frozen custard. Yumm-o.

marilyn said...

This is just a random comment about how cute Samuel and Eva are!!! Cute, cute, cute, and cuter!

Annie P said...

Hooray - places for me to try. I have seen several of those places and nevers topped. There is a place in New York called Pinkberry - I think it must be similar to Spoon Me/Red Mango. More yogurt taste. It is fabulous!

Michelle said...

Love Yogurt stop, still undecided about Spoon Me, and haven't tried Red Mango yet. Sounds like we should get the dance mom group together for a yogurt break before Eva's kindergarden one day.... Let me know if/when that would work! Love your blog!

mmm.chocolate said...

Yum. Now I'm craving a cold dessert. How do you stay so skinny? Love the photo of the kids in the twisty chairs.

Abbigail said...

I am loving the chair and table. are they kid sized? Or are you kids just getting so big? fabulous.


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