Friday, August 22, 2008

Everything She Needs to Know She Learned Way Before Kindergarten

*Cliff notes for this entry: If you are only going to read part of this, skip down to the last video. It is the one that makes me smile the most.

I took Eva to her new school for kindergarten registration. She met her super nice teacher and got to see her classroom. The photo pretty much captures how much enthusiasm Eva showed. I think her motto might be something like, "When in doubt, be so calm that everyone around you appears over caffeinated." We got a little packet titled, "Kindergarten is Great" that listed a bunch of things that Eva will be learning in kindergarten. This has been a great summer for us and I was just thinking about some of Eva's milestones. Seems to me, we already have a few things covered...

Reading and Writing

"Mom and Dad goodbye for the rest of your lives."

If Eva can write this, does she need to learn how to write anything else? She swears she didn't mean anything by the note and that she was just writing. Um, sure, Eva. Just in case, maybe I'll keep the car keys hidden.


Her deep love for chocolate milk has driven her to develop her math skills. She already knows measurements and ratios... the amount of Ovaltine powder to milk. She also knows how many times in a 30 minute period that you have to ask for chocolate milk in order to bug your parents so bad that they just say, "go ahead."

How much air does it take to blow this bubble?

The Arts

This girl can create. See the "envelope" thing? I showed her ONCE. That crown, she just came up with it, the dimensions and everything. And balloon animals? Um, the lady at the library story time was showing all the parents how to do it and then Eva just whips up this butterfly. She's got art covered until Jr. high because if I recall correctly, all I did in Jr. high is write notes and then fold them up like this to pass to my friends. But, do kids just text now? Uh, who has a hard time staying on subject?


As far as I know, no one has ever died from not being able to play t-ball or soccer or from not being able to dance or tumble. Seems to me, swimming is an essential skill. Last year, Eva refused to put her face in the water. Something clicked this year. It was awesome. Yes, I know we still need to be careful around water, but it just feels like such a relief to know that she is kind of in control in the water.

and last but not least...
Social Studies
Eva is set for the rest of her social life... this party trick never gets old (at least for me, I am an easy laugh). If this is a genetic thing, we'll just say she didn't get this from me. One day she just did it. Out of nowhere.
Paper skills, beverage creation skills, belly rolling skills, back floating skills, balloon animal skills...
Watch out kindergarten, here comes Eva.


mmm.chocolate said...

Eva is so adorable! I loved this post, and it totally made me smile. I'm with you Eva on the importance of chocolate milk ratios (I never drink milk without chocolate), but, you have already far surpassed my art skills.

Sean, Em and Milo Volk said...

LOVE the skills! Do they have bellydancing in Kindergarten??

five-one-and-a-half said...

Any girl who drinks Ovaltine is my kind of gal. I measure 4 scoops to 3/4 glass of milk. It took me many tries to come up with that measurement.

Michelle said...

That is awesome! I want to learn how to do that stomach thing! You guys look like you accomplished a lot this summer. Her kindergarden teacher probably already loves her!

We'd still love to do playdates in the fall with Brit, Staci and the kids.... Keep in Touch!

Nikki said...

Looks like she is ready to go.. maybe she should just skip kidergaten and go to 1st grade.!!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVED this post so much .You write so well !And of course that it's not hard to write about your kids.They are so unique and funny.Eva moving her tummy made me laugh so hard here !!!It looked like those videos on youtube so funny!!!!

Heath'e' said...

Wow, She is way beyond her years! She is very creative, just like her mommy!! and that tummy thing is hilarious!! This was way fun to read, Thanks for sharing!

Courtney said...

"Make everyone else look over- caffinated" reminds me of how she was as a baby with you and Karl practically standing on your heads trying to get her to laugh. I vote for "Nature". On the belly roll, I vote "Nurture". You never know what Karl is teaching when you aren't looking.

Jensen family said...

Hey Christina, I am glad I caught this post...I am a bit behind in reading blogs lately! What a talented girl you've got! She gets her creativity from you i'd bet!

Emily said...

That girl is GOIN' PLACES!!! I'm utterly amazed by all those skills and talents.

and you're right - that last video? probably the coolest thing I've seen EVER!!!!

I'm still laughing over the "over-caffinated" part. . . hahahahahahahahahahahah

Barbara said...

How can sweet little Eva be old enough for school? She is a doll.

Love Grandma

marilyn said...

Oh my word, Eva cracks me up. There are no words to use to describe her! What a doll and what a funny girl.
Aunt Marilyn L

Abbigail said...

she is not only ready for kindergarten but for belly dancing classes.


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