Monday, August 18, 2008

Boys vs. Girls

Karl and Samuel went up to Brighton Meadows for the Fathers Sons campout.

I tried to get some details on the event and it went kind of like this:

Me- How was it?


Me-What did you do?

Karl-We ate and then went to bed and that was about it.

Me- You didn't even roast marshmallows?

Karl- Well, yeah.

Me- Who was there?...

You get the picture, talk about pulling teeth. But I can tell from the photos that they had a great time. I mean, look at Samuel's smile. In his prayer, Samuel said, "Thank you that I could ride the 'kazoos'." Samuel has also been obsessed with hot cocoa for the past couple of days so my detective skills conclude that they probably had hot chocolate. Oh, Karl did volunteer that the group ate like four pounds of bacon. Gross.

Fighting the urge to take advantage of just having one kid with me and getting a bunch of stuff done, Eva and I had a girls' night. We started the night by going to get Glitter Toes. My friend, Courtney, told me about it and I thought that she made the cute little name up. But when I called around to book an appt., everyone knew what Glitter Toes were.

After that we went looking for a delicious meal. Surprise, surprise, we ended up at my parent's house... best meal in town.

Next stop was V-Chocolates for the second best caramel apples that I have been able the find (the best is Chocolate Covered Wagon, but they were closed).

We took the apple home, sliced it up and watched Eva's choice of movie... Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer? Uh, definitely not my choice. Eva, I hope you know how much I love you...

The next day we got all primped (I even wore hairspray. Yep, pulled out that bottle that I bought right after Eva was born) and went to a friend's Tea Party. Eva was right at home. The decorations were all pink and green, and super cute, and super fancy.


Nikki said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

Grandma Geddes said...

I love your blogs. Wish I could spend more time with you four. We are looking forward to a fun weekend. It looks like you are always having fun adventures and exciting weekends.

Love, Grandma

Abbigail said...

that is so rad! You look adorable in that polka dot dress. Iw ant glitter toes.....Looks like Samuel had so much fun. I have thought about taking kitty in the canoes at the park in AA, but I am worried she would not behave and knock us all over.

Emily said...

Okay, can I just borrow you and Eva for a GIRLS night sometime????
The girls team around here is SO unevenly matched. No matter how hard I try, tea parties and glitter toes don't entice any of my boys. . .
Rudolph though? I think they'd do.

You are too funny -

mmm.chocolate said...

What fun memories! You are so, so beautiful in the photo at the tea party.

Courtney said...

Love the comment about the gross bacon. I hate to tell you, but when we all went camping, we ate 4lbs too. Love the glitter toes... I am loving my future plans with Elle.


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