Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekend Warriors

Yet another chance to get away...
Our weekend, in numbers:
34- Hours that Eva was early in putting on her floatie. Notice the Blackberry. Looks like kids pick up on every example we set.
2- Minutes that it took us realize that Samuel was pulverizing his cup full of ice... FROM THE MIDDLE? Why does that just seem so Samuel?
3-Dishes that we can always count on at Gutke family gatherings: Orange fluff, the veggie tray in the Tupperware container, and rainbow layered Jell-O.
11+-Dimes Natalie had in her wallet to buy duck food. Is it silly that I was impressed? I mean, that is a lot of dimes. The ducks ate right out of the kids hands.
8ish- Times that Karl threw Samuel super high into Grandma and Grandpa's pool. "Daddy do the big thingy!"
2- Minutes it takes super cautious Eva to go down a slide.
5-Seconds it takes everyone else to go down the same slide.
2- Kids we have because that is how many hands Karl has.
3- Cute cousins that Eva and Samuel got to hang out with.
1- Time we had to re-light the candles on the cake so everyone would have a chance to blow them out.
4- Dresses I got at the Oneity closing sale. Because the more I buy at a sale the more I am saving, right? I am so sad that store closed. Eva is wearing one here.
Uhhh... 7- photos I took that night at Bear Lake (I am getting sick of the numbers thing...). Samuel having a ball, Samuel harassing Karl, Samuel harassing Karl again, Eva being cautious with the water again, cool texture in the water, Eva having a ball, beautiful skies... phew!
4-shadow puppet stories and Karl told us in the tent. Samuel kept interrupting and crashing the stories with his shadow gorilla. I know it doesn't sound funny, but I giggle as I sit here typing just thinking about it. He really made this huge shadow gorilla head. I was the was the first one to fall asleep.
20+- Times we told Samuel to be careful around the fire. Hot dogs, s'mores, and what? Yep, bacon and eggs in a bag cooked over the fire. I read about it on a bunch of camping websites and thought it looked easy enough, wanted to try it out, and, well, what a waste of bacon. Poor Karl was hungry all day.
8-Hours we spent on the beach. Samuel wore those goggles almost the whole time.
0- times he put his face in the water.
20+- Birds that Eva and Samuel chased on the beach. One minute Samuel is eating his snack, the next minute Karl looks over and Samuel is standing on a picnic table surrounded by birds. Samuel was so scared and was freaking out. It didn't take long for Samuel to realize that the birds would run if you chased them. They ran so hard. Samuel was chasing them and Eva, who was finishing up her chips, yelled, "Save some for me!"
7-dollars I found on the beach... among the trash scattered around.
5-too many hours I spent reading Breaking Dawn.
20-Times I wished I was done reading it. I know there are so many fans, but there were just too many things that Miss Meyers writes that I end up thinking, "Ew, that was way TMI."
9- Years that I have been married to Karl and the number of summers that Karl has fried his skin on the beach and then comes up with a plan on how to prevent it the next time.

4- lady bugs that we saw over the weekend. I heard they are getting scarce.
15- seconds it took for Samuel to fall asleep once we packed up and got in the car. That kid played so hard. He said, "This is a great day for the beach!" He slept through dinner at La Beaus (a Bear Lake tradition is shakes at La Beaus) and then all the way home.


Angela said...

Looks like fun. Do you do that every year with the fam? I know what you mean about sad and preschool. The last couple of days they have had to rip Jax from the car as well. Any tips on coping? :)

Grandma Geddes said...

25 great photos! These are five adorable grandchildren. You totally entertain me with your blog. Thanks for posting these fun pictures. We had a fun weekend having you visit. The lake trip looked really fun!

Abbigail said...

Wow! That sounds freaking fun! I wish we were there to go camping with you guys. I set up the tent on the front lawn a while back and slept in it by myself, Kitty was too scared when it got right down to it. Now she is always asking to sleep outside in the tent.

Lucky you got to hang out with Natalie and the kids. they are so great. Kitty is also always asking, where is Emily Mamma? Is she in New York?

I also appreciated the classic gutke dishes. perfect for summer.

five-one-and-a-half said...

We love Bear Lake. This year is the first year we missed our family reunion there in 11 years. BTW, how do you get all your pictures to line up so nicely? When I try to put them next to each other they end up all over the place.

Jensen family said...

I love your blog. You always make me laugh! Sounds like we missed you at Bear Lake. La Beau's is a tradition in Erik's fam too!

amelia - paul - fran said...

Making us all look bad...again...with your awesome, funny clever blog...and your super adorable children. None of us stand a chance. But...keep 'em coming!

Blake ~ Amber ~ Noah ~ Jade said...

Wow....Christina, your such a good mom. You guys are such a busy family. I should have done more with Noah this summer. I feel like this summer flew by too fast :(


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