Monday, September 1, 2008

Batman is Stronger Than You, Dad

It is Samuel's turn to stand in front of the tree and get his picture taken... That means that he is starting school. It is just very Samuel, to be behind the tree.
Seems so crazy that little Samuel (according to Samuel his is not a baby or a little boy, he is a, "good boy") is going to school. This got me thinking about the person that he is and things that make him... just so Samuel. So, Samuel, if you ever ask, "What was I like when I was a little boy?" This is what I will tell you:
-That circle that you drew? That is your first school drawing. You handed it to me and said, "This is Samuel." Not Samuel drew this, but that is actually your first self portrait. The goggles? Your first show and tell. That is Mom's fault that your options were limited to what we could find in the car on the way to school but the goggles are very you. You love to wear them. You said, defiantly, "I showed the goggles and I didn't say anything."
-I was making dinner and looked over and you had a (plastic, phew!) knife, a plate and a banana and were slicing the banana. All of that by yourself. Seems so crazy that you can do that by yourself now.
-The Small Paul "Monkey Flip Flops?" I remember you being a tiny little boy in those small ones. You loved them so much. We had to find some replacements as you outgrew them (at Legoland of all places!).
-Our family loves to eat and you are no exception. You love anything blue and unfortunately that applies to your food, too.
-If you have your choice between rich and creamy or fresh and crispy, you choose fresh and crispy. Chips, salad, fruit, nuts...
-When it comes to the good stuff, we all wish we could have more, you are just very vocal and very honest about it. "I want a wot a wot of..." or "Can I have three?" And sharing? Well... we're working on that on e. See that colorful Push-Pop your are wearing/eating? Eva asked for a lick and the next thing I know, you are yelling, "NOT A SUCK! I SAID A WICK!" The funny thing is that you didn't want to share but you ended up throwing it away because it was all gross and melty.
-I have to mention that you have an amazing ability to sleep at restaurants.
-Like everyone, you have your quirks and your passions. But no one's quirks make me smile so much. "Mom, where is my cape?" It is like a cape moment will just pop up and you need it right then. Maybe you are feeling your super powers coming on.
-The goggles with no pool in sight? Just so you. That little black cat? Just so you. You talk/meow like a cat about 40 percent of your waking hours.
-A kangaroo and a gun in a stroller? Once again, it is just so you.
-Notice your shirt is inside out. Every morning you get dressed and the minor details like getting the clothes with the front forward or the right side out don't seem to bother you. At all.
-Conventional is not really your style. This photographer was able to catch you being very you. But not before you knocked down the 10 foot high backdrop. He told you to back up and you did and then you thought it would be funny to keep going.
-Some people (like Katie, Eva, and Alyssa) walk by the stream. You walk in stream. Maybe we would all like to do it. You are the one that has the guts to do it.
-You haven't learned to swing by yourself yet, but that doesn't stop you from having a blast on them.
-Look at your tiny leg trying to reach the gas pedal on the video game. I was sad that you no longer were happy just playing the game without putting any money in it.
-"Look, Eva! Tiny Santas!" You always surprise me with the things you say.
Then there are the things that I can always count on to hear from you...
-"I want you to wub my tummy." You love to have your tummy, back or legs tickled.
-"I want you to way down a me." You still don't like to fall asleep on your own.
-"Mommy! Wook at me!"
-(sadly), "I don't want to go to school."
-(sadly, again) Your teeth grinding when you sleep.
-You singing as you play, bath, or ride in the car.
-"I wannoo." This is after we tell you not to do something that you aren't supposed to do.
-The sound of the chair being scooted to the cabinets so you can help yourself to a snack.
-"I wub you this much." With your arms stretched behind your back.
Oh, Samuel. I love all your quirks (except for maybe the teeth grinding, it gives me the heebies), habits, and things that make you, you... and I never want to forget them.


Pete said...

Wow! Quite a tribute to Samuel. I'm happy if I can throw up a paragraph to go along with a few pictures. You practically wrote a biography.

Nick@Nite said...

I loved reading this post. What a fun guy (or, should I say "good boy") Samuel is. I'm amazed at all the great photos you had to go perfectly with the text too. By the way, I really like what you've done with his do.

Nick@Nite said...

Sorry, I forgot that I'm logged on to my hubby's computer. This is Amy :-) not a funny bald dude.

Adri said...

What a great post, I loved reading all about your "good boy". Your kids are so cute.
By the way Audrey and Kristy told me about the time you fell off the Alpine slide. You should try it again just remember to go a little slower.

Michelle said...

Samuel, you have the best mommy to do this for you. And Christina you are the smartest woman because in a few years Samuel is gonna ask, "Mommy tell me a story about when I was little" and all you need to do is whip out this post and you don't need to strain your brain trying to remember funny stories. Brilliant. And sweet.

five-one-and-a-half said...

What a kid! You are so good to write down all the things that you want to remember. I have a very short memory so most of those moments are forgotten. You have the cutest kids!!!!

Michelle said...

I love your blog!! Samuel (and Eva) are so lucky to have you as their mom!

Nikki said...

what a great tribute to samuel.

Heath'e' said...

Samuel is a lucky and fun boy! I love how you have corresponding pictures to all your favorite things about him. I loved this post!

Kathryn Geddes said...

Words cannot express how much I love Samuel! He is precious to his Grandma. It brought tears to my eyes to read about the love his mom has for him. He is a precious spirit. His eyes sparkle with excitment for life. He is hard to keep up with. He explores life! I personally can't get enought of him. Spending any time with him is an adventure. He reminds me of his Dad! Love, Grandma

Courtney said...

I want to grow up and learn how to blog like you. Really. Sam is so lucky to have you for his mom.

Kami said...

I HATE push pops, I mean, who thought of making those for kids? Ice cream that pushes OUT of its confines in order to go everywhere but in a child's mouth. I got those one day thinking, oh what a great treat for the kids, then after the chaos that insued vowed, "Never Again!" I love your tribute to Samuel, you catch him so well and I can totally relate to never wanting to forget, thank heavens for blogs, even though I don't do one :)


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