Thursday, September 11, 2008

Procrastinating an actual post

I am sure no one from Karl's work reads this but... a big thanks to them for sponsoring yet another trip to Sun Valley. Last time we promised the kids they could come.
Things I need to post:
Eva's first day of kindergarten
Our Trip
A billion restaurant reviews on my other blog
Recipe for Pecan Crusted Chicken on my other blog
Until I stop procrastinating, here are a few things that my kids have said that I don't want to forget:
Samuel, our preschool hater, was in the bathroom one day and yells for me to come. When I get outside the door he says, "Don't come in, that's gross."
Fine, I can respect that. Then he goes on to tell me, "My teacher is mean, mommy."
Trying to figure out which teacher could be the "mean" teacher I ask what color her hair is.
He says, "She has snakes for hair."
Wow. So, now I don't know if he really has a mean teacher, a teacher with bad hair, or a good imagination, or a combination of those things.
Wondering if there is actually just one person in there privately being mean I ask, "How many teachers do you have?"
He answers, "Two. There are two mean teachers. They said they will put me in a cage."
"They said they are going to put you in a cage?"
"Yeah, but... Superman will save me."
Oh, good, I was worried how he was going to get out of that cage.
Along with learning how to like school, Samuel also needs to learn to not take stuff that isn't his.
Eva has been carrying around this fancy red purse packed with more stuff than Mary Poppins... scissors, gum, note pad, a ring, a bottle of water, lotion, lip gloss, nail polish, a nail file, and I actually don't know what else because I haven't looked. I just get surprised every time she pulls something out. So, Samuel who is constantly on the hunt for gum in any purse he comes across, starts opening her purse. I thought I was getting him to think about other peoples' feelings when their stuff gets taken when I asked, "What happens when you take some one's gum?"
"They hit you."
Can't argue with that.
Still figuring out our complicated language and entertaining us in the process...
"Mom, can I watch a movie on your itelephone?" (Samuel, talking about my iphone)
"What time does it say on your clock-bracelet?" (Samuel, talking about my watch)
"Dad, there is a thumb truck!" (Eva, pointing at a toe truck)
Okay, and some things that I might want to forget:
I just found out that Samuel drew on Eva's book and the hotel carpet with a dry erase marker, cut Eva's suitcase with Eva's scissors and has been launching almonds from the loft.
I got mad, mad at him for doing those things and mad at myself for letting my attentiveness be on vacation, too.
So, Samuel, the boy who spends too much time bugging Eva and getting mad at Karl, is upstairs wailing for Eva (who is playing with a friend, the friend that Samuel made cry last night by calling her stupid), Dad (who is fly fishing for "work"), and his other house (home).
His point, he wants to be anywhere with anyone but in this hotel with me. Sorry, Samuel.


Nikki said...

Life is great isn't it!!! Hope samuel starts liking school soon!

five-one-and-a-half said...

I love your posts! They are so fun to read. Keep 'em comin'!


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