Thursday, October 31, 2013

halloween 2013


This year I lacked motivation to do much of anything.  I mostly wanted to hang with my new baby.  And while we hung out, we had a little bit of fun.  He had no opinions about what he wore.  He sat still.  He hardly moved.  He smiled on demand. He was the perfect subject to my artistic outlet.  Most days I posted a new outfit.  Something I totally looked forward to. I didn't buy anything and hardly any of the stuff is actual costume stuff.  Most of the costumes were inspired by something I had sitting around in the house.  Making do.  Not to brag or anything but it's one of my best skills. 

This kid will never complain about being the youngest kid and not having any baby pictures, will he?
We had a little bit of spooky food around these parts, too.  
Severed fingers (string cheese and bell peppers), ghosts (banana halves and chocolate chips), watermelon spew (watermelon and orange), witches brew (apple and orange juice with little witch, bat, and cat apple cutouts), jack-o-lantern veggie tray, pumpkin shaped cheese on crackers (used a cookie cutter for the cheese), and eyeballs (peeled longon).
And the family.
We were all sock monkeys.
So fitting.  
So easy (order hats on etsy for a waaaaay good price, gather gray clothes, sew some tails).
I can't believe my family is this big.
Now I can see why most peoples' eyes get big when I'm holding Makoa and they say, "Is this your first?" and I say, "No, he's my fourth."  It's because four is a lot.  
All this Halloween goodness ends tonight.  Yay and boo.  

All this and Eva pointed out that we didn't decorate.  I pointed out the one banner I hung.  She wasn't impressed.  And I forgot to buy pumpkins.  And on the way home from the store I remembered but hoped the kids wouldn't notice because the store is so far away.  But they did, dang it.  

You can't win 'em all, right?

But we will make do.  You know, because I'm so good at that.

Happy Halloween!

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