Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The improvement of the camera phone has made a huge difference in how much of my kids' lives get recorded.  And conveniently, as my memory is getting worse, the camera phone is getting better.  
Every little kid has their quirks.  I would have loved to capture each of them.  Eva would whack her face when she was tired, and she smelled so so sooo sweet (okay, I know my iphone can't capture smells, but I am sure I would have found a way to visually record it), or when she was a toddler and would always find our car keys and stick them in the radiator cover in our little Chicago apartment.  Samuel and his snores that could put any old man to shame, and the way he would hold his hands so tense, or the way he would relax when I would tickle his face.  Maximus and the way he would stick his bottom lip out when he was milk drunk and done nursing, or the second he woke up he would reach up so fast with his baby farmer hands and grab whatever he could (it was usually our faces and we called him Grabby Baby for a while there).  

So, Makoa, four months now, he has his quirks, too.  He reaches over with right hand he grabs behind him.  Here are a couple (out of the bajillion) of photos of him doing it.  
This is his I'm-telling-you-a-very-serious-story face.

Some other quirks… he likes his head upright, even from when he was teensy.  He flips over onto his stomach as soon as I lay him down.  And he sweats.  Boy does this baby sweat.  If he is awake, it's his feet and hands and if he is sleepy the faucet transfers to his head.  

The older kids love to hear about their baby quirks.  They obviously come with their personalities and it's so fun to watch them unfold.  In hindsight, I would have taken more photos of the quirks and less of them sitting there smiling for the camera. 

These tiny things.  So very very endearing. 

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Amy said...

I love reading about your adventures and seeing pictures of your beautiful family. This boy is growing up! I never sent his baby gift (size 6 months) and now, I am thinking I need to get something bigger. I hope you are having a nice time visiting family in Utah. Sometime, I would love to see you when you are in town.


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