Friday, May 18, 2012


You hear people say it all the time.  Kids know more about technology than we do.  
There is that time in their lives when we know more than they do.  
And mine is over. 
We were sitting in the car and I was trying to charge my iphone that was completely dead.  

Me to the kids: What does is mean when you can see the little lightning symbol?
Kids: That means it's charging.
Me: So how come there is sometimes a little picture of the fork thing in the battery?
Kids:  That means you are using it and it's charging. 

or something like that.  You see, when they started talking technology, my brain started turning off.  

And at that very moment I realized I just got old.

My computer is making me feel old.
I don't understand where all my files are going when I upload my stuff.  I fill it up the hard drive all that time and then have to move stuff onto an external hard drive and then delete it so I have space to work with new photos.  And I know there has to be a good system out there but for now, my computer is the equivalent of the desk of that one kid in every class that has stuff falling out as old papers and broken art supplies are filling it up.  

I feel like I'm confessing. I have an unorganized computer and I don't know how to manage it. I used to think that I was at least above average but now I am starting to question.    

There is a plus side.  Sometimes I find little gems like these two videos.  And it's so much more exciting to feel lucky to find these where ever they are than a boring organized system where I know exactly where they are.  Actually, it gives me anxiety.  But I did seize the moment and watch a bunch of video clips of Eva and Samuel's younger years and I loved every second of it.  
Here is Eva when she is almost 4.  So stinkin' positive. I totally remember when Samuel was in the phase where he carried those two toy screwdrivers everywhere.

And Samuel.  He has always loved vegetables.  Oh gosh, and I have always loved him.  I don't know how I even caught this moment on video.  It is so Samuel.

I hope I can find these videos again someday.  And when I do it will be another mini video Christmas.  Hooray!  At least I will be able to find them on my blog, right?


Blake ~ Amber ~ Noah ~ Jade said...

Our computer space fills up sp fast too between pictures and hd home videos. We just went and bought a 2 terabyte external hard drive and I spent a couple days transferring ALL & only my pictures and videos. All the way from when Noah was born. It holds a TON. My plan is to buy another one when it fills up, but shouldn't be for awhile. Seems like a pain, but I guess it's easier to store a few hard drives rather than boxes and boxes of printed pictures that get old and ruined :/

jamie parker said...

I love Samuel taking a bite of Frosty's nose! Eva and her tenacity and sweet spirit shining through. Little treasures you discovered in What a blessing your family is to ours:) xo


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