Tuesday, May 22, 2012

our kauai life: may day 2012

The morning starts out lovely.  Then a giant cloud rolls in.  Samuel notices the giant cloud.  
Most people seem to know that this would happen.  We do live in Kauai, after all.  They pull out their umbrellas, the kids head back to their classrooms, and the rest of us just run for cover.  Nice people let me squeeze into the dug out with them.  They don't like seeing a drenched baby.  Not me.  Maximus.  Hehe.  
As soon as the rain lets up a little, the show continues.
Maximus loves this guy.  Uncle Mike.  Uncle Mike show Maximus how to do knuckles.  And that means for the next ten minutes, Uncle Mike has to do do knuckles.  Double knuckles, even. 

Eva's class...
Samuel, gets ready to dance.  Once upon a time, Samuel would dance.  Then he turned about four and quit.  These days we have to bribe him to dance.  It was so fun to see him dance without any bribery at all.  I guess if his entire grade will do it, he will too.  
Here is the video of his dance.  His discomfort is so charming to me.  He ripped off his bottom two buttons on his shirt when he tried to cover his head from the rain.  He seems rip buttons off his shirts a lot.

Here is Eva getting ready to dance.  This is pretty much her thing.  Her grade used poi, the ball things that you spin around.  They had to wear white, black, or red.
Here is the video.  I apologize for my video skills. 

After the performance, sporting fruit snack leis.

Eva and her besties.  Her other bestie was the princess for her grade and wasn't around for a photo opp.  Eva has made some really good friends this year.  It's super cute.  
It is so fun to be a part of something that is unique to Hawaii.  Another May Day means that we have been here over a year.  I still feel like a visitor.  Maybe that will change.  In the mean time... this is a great day to be a visitor.

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