Monday, May 14, 2012

my day

Mother's day.  
I don't want to be all brag face.  But I do want to show that I am grateful.
I captured a few moments of the weekend that really made it special:

Heartfelt crafts from Eva and Samuel...
And Baby Maximus is too young for crafts but this made me happier than anything...
(lately he's been asking for several books to sleep with.  He hugs them all, blows kisses, sends us on our way, and falls asleep).
I also got a gigantic nap.  Oh man, I looooooove gigantic naps.
Karl ordered flowers from our dear friend's flower shop and I love them.  And I also got a bucket of Mele Macs.  I love buckets of Mele Macs.  And this is extra nice of him because I am not even his mom.
I also didn't have to make dinner.  I asked for that, because I love it when I don't have to make dinner.  
And the kids made my chair and my head all special for the occasion.
These kids.  Yep, I'm their mom. 
 And as I look through my phone photos and reminisce about mother's day, I find most of the photos like this one:
Though this day was special, these photos are pretty special, too.  They show my life.  My real life.  I went to college.  And I guess one of the things I learned is how to be around disgusting thing.  You know, college boys.  Haha, "Eva, you need to go to college and learn to be around disgusting things so that you can be prepared to be a mom."  What if?
And, that, is very very special.  It's disgusting, I know.  Ew, right? Ew. But I can totally accept that part of being a mom is accepting the disgusting parts.  Heartfelt parts, restful parts, lovely parts, tasty parts... if anything, the disgusting parts make me appreciate the non disgusting parts even more. 


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