Saturday, March 10, 2012

kauai kumquat marmalade

I didn't know I like kumquats.  But that was because I never had them freshly picked from the tree.  And maybe that is how it is with a lot of foods... best fresh.  
 I always feel so lucky when I get a chance to do silly things like make jelly with fresh fruit.  So wholesome, so productive.  Wash them, half them, pop out the little seeds, chop em in the blender, boil them with (a ton) of sugar, add pectin...
 And there you have it, beautiful marmalade.  As fresh as it gets.  We had some in a smoothie.  Added a touch of "elegance" as my mom kept saying.
Maybe the best part of this whole jelly thing is hanging with friends and family and "talking story" while we make it.  I love having this jelly to share with friends and family.  Although, maybe I shouldn't have been so generous with my lilikoi jelly last time.  I am seriously in love with that stuff and ours is all gone.  Haha, some parent I am.  "Kids, don't share too much.  You'll be sad when you can't say that you have some delicious jelly and no one else does."  I love trying new things and learning new things.  And I'm grateful that island life is giving me lots of that.  


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