Sunday, March 4, 2012

eva's hula concert

The wahine (women) group of Eva's hula halau (school) got invited to Merrie Monarch this year.  I guess it's like the olympics of hula. It's kind of a big deal and on the Big Island so that means a lot of fund raising.  So, they had another hula concert.  Smart, right?  Family, friends, and even tourists always seem more than happy to shell out money to see some hula.  

She did her Puka Puka Pants dance, again.  Puka means hole.  So part of her costume was old jeans with patches on them.  We hadn't lived her long enough to have old jeans yet.  Eva hadn't grown out of anything or worn anything out yet so I picked these up at the thrift store for ten cents.  And though I know that the make up makes them feel all fancy and seems to help them put some drama into the performance and make their faces show better, it still kinda freaks me out to see a little girl with make up on.  
 There is my Eva in the middle of the photo.  
This dance was called the Green Rose. I felt so lucky to actually see her at this performance.  It is so fun to watch that girl move.   
 I love this photo of her.  This pose is very Eva.  Her facial expression, too.
 Maximus was very supportive during the show.  He slept for half of it.
Samuel was very supportive, too.  He fell asleep about two songs into the show. We had hiked a couple of miles in the sun earlier that day and it must have worn him out.  And since that kid runs circles around us when we hike he probably hiked about five miles.  He's so cute when he's asleep.  And very cuddly.  And never hurts anyone.  And never argues.  And never breaks anything.  Sleeping kids are so cute.   
At the end of the show, everyone comes out and holds hands and sings E Hawaii, a song that I love hearing my kids sing.  
Eva sneezed... 
 ...and then held her friend's hand again with her gross hand.  You can see her cute friend wiping her hand.  Poor thing.  It cracked me up.  
 Hula.  It's on my list of reasons why I am glad we live here.  It is so fun to watch such a graceful, meaningful dance.  I am glad that Eva gets to experience this.

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Family Travellers said...

It will be fun following your blog. Takes us back to living in HI. I have pictures of our daughter doing school performances and she really stuck out with her blonde hair. We found a Hawaiian Style grill the other day and she was so happy to have a musubi. Don't know how long you're planning on staying there, but you'll always remember it as a special time for your family.
Scott Chandler


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