Friday, March 16, 2012

chairs, chevron, and an upholstered box spring

We moved into this house owning 4 chairs.  We have 5 people in my family and Karl uses one as his office chair.  I entered chair hunting mode.  
This was one of my first finds. 
Before:  A lovely putty and burgandy...
I used some liquid sander, spray primer, and then spray it the same blue that I seem to use on everything.  I'll name it Default Blue. 

Then came decision time.  I feel the same way about decisions as I do that swirly beach ball (or hourglass for some people) on my computer when it is being slow.  I took a photo with each of my options and then put this together on my phone.  My phone.  Did you hear me say, "My phone?"  I know I sound old, or like Kip, but, man, technology...

When in question, post it on Facebook.  I asked, "Which one would you choose?" I got more responses than when I posted that I was having a baby.  Chair grabs more attention than baby.  Haha.  I've been texting a lot.  And, now, "haha," feels like a perfectly normal way to express myself.  

The results:
gray dot: 0
green chevron: 10
orange dot: 0
coral floral dot: 13
yellow chevron: 5

The winner: Coral dot. 
The result:
It doesn't usually sit by my bed.  That was just for a few days while I set up a hobby space.

The fancy back is all about looks and not about comfort.  So the first runner up, green chevron, found a home as a pillow.  

This chair ended up looking a lot like Eva's chairs from when I did her room two years ago.  I guess I miss those chairs.  Now is a good time to talk about how much I wish I would have just sent all my crap when we first moved here.  It costs a lot to ship it all but I have been using so much time and money trying to make my home a home that I think it would have put us ahead in the long run.  Regret.  Lesson learned.  Next time I move to Hawaii, just ship my stuff.  Haha.  

I know that chevron is super trendy right now.  I just bought a sweet little gray chevron sleeper for Baby Maximus at Old Navy and well, you know when Old Navy carries it... like my friend put it, it's nearing its expiration date.  Like milk.  Timeless?  No.  Happy?  Yes.

I bought some in a few colors.  Because I buy in multiples.  So, my house kinda has a theme right now.  I am not so into themes.  But it is a happy theme.  

I am not quite ready for neons in my house.  So until the chevron joins the birds in the graveyard... I will continue sewing in my crooked stripey theme.

The yellow chevron, tied for third place, found a few homes.  I bought a ton of this.
You can see it in the photo above but here is another shot:
I kind of upholstered my box spring.  I like platform beds but we didn't bring ours, right?  After a year here, we finally bought a real bed and a new frame wasn't in the non-budget of ours.  So I made do.  I didn't want a frame because I like it low, and without a frame, a skirt doesn't work.  I don't like the look of the naked box spring and I didn't have a spare fitted sheet.  So this was my solution.  

I ordered this chair online on a free shipping sale. A rare chance to get something this big shipped here.  Or should I say little.  I had visions of curling up and reading in this one.  But when it came, it looked like this chair will be used only for reading books that I want to be sure to not fall asleep while reading.  

The gray chevron found a happy home, too.  Another post on that one.  I'll spare you, today.  Because I have a way of turning, "Hey, look!  I finally finished a chair!" into a novel.  

Now I have a chair to sit on while I made crap, and one to sit on while I read boring books, and my box spring doesn't have to be embarrassed anymore.


pamela said...

i love love love all your use of chevron. i'm so out of it that by the time i pick up on a trend, it's in the 99cent bin at old navy. which means, i'm ready to copy you and get some chevron! i love it.

jamie parker said...

I love your chair! I really love the pillow in the chair!!! It's awesome and I think the chevron covered box spring is genius! I have ugly box springs that are totally embarrassed. I'm embarrassed!...and to think all this time I could have covered them in a cute chevron pattern! Your house is a lovely home....not just because of the cute chair, but because of the people that live in it! Great style!

Michelle said...

Why do you like low beds? Is it the Asian in you, or the short in you. Or is that all in one? haha. (btw, I text too.) I like high beds. The higher the better. Ladder? Sure. But seriously, if you're gonna have a low bed, that is such a brilliant idea. I love it!! I love your style. The chairs all look adorable. What is your default blue called?

Christina said...

Pamela, I'm always looking to you for design inspiration. When it comes to trends, I don't like to spend a lot. has a line called Premier that has a bunch of chevrons for pretty cheap. You can google for coupons a lot of times.

Christina said...

Thank you! From the photo I saw on FB, I definitely need to see your house. Well, the inside of it. I see the outside everyday :).

Karl said...

looks good Christina

Christina said...

relieved that you think so, especially since your vote ended up in other places :).

Christina said...

I have the inseam of an oompa loompa so for practical reasons, it is easier to get on the bed. I do think it is the Asian thing, too. I also have my babies sleep with me and, though falling from any height is bad, falling from a low bed is less scary for me. On a high bed, we all end up sleeping on the middle two feet of the bed. Kinda crowded :). Remember that bed Karl made in our Chicago apartment. I had to use a huge step stool to get on that thing.

Default blue is Rustoleum spray paint. Aqua.


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