Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a new room

Finally done.  After all that planning, buying, and making.  So much making.  

At first I was just going to change out her quilt (which I spent so much time and money making thinking that she would love it forever).  But one thing led to another and I ended up changing everything.  Seriously, everything.  Her room wasn't working anyway.

It all started with my friend telling me that the pillows would go well with PB Kids Brooke bedding.  So I was going to get that.  But I couldn't get totally excited about it. 

Now I am realizing that this long decision process, though it consumed me for weeks, is probably quite boring for everyone else.  So I will try to cut to the facts.  

The room paint is Blue Bonnet (as in the margarine of choice of the 1980's) by Benjamin Moore.  Tried a few samples and looked around and after figuring out what I didn't want, I came to this color.  After painting (well, Karl painting) basically every room in this house, I think whatever the color, Benjamin Moore is my favorite brand.  

The curtains were inspired by these curtains by Urban Outfitters.  Like a fool, I thought, "I can do that."  The question I will ask myself next time is, "But do I want to do that?"  Miles of sewing, hours and hours of sewing.  I could have hemmed all those pants, mended all those clothes, finished every item in my "unfinished objects" box.  But, instead I sewed a billion ruffles.  But when I see them hanging in her room, I don't resent all that work.  They are so sweet.

The bed.  I love that bed.  I saw it at IKEA a few months ago on clearance for $89 and I didn't buy it.  She didn't need a new bed.  But then again, she didn't really need any of this, right?  So what the hey, I went and got it.  I felt like it was meant to be when I went and they still had 6 left.  The room isn't very big and the bed takes up a lot of the space but we have come to love having room for three in there.  It is perfect for bedtime stories. 

So, I was going to get all of the Brooke bedding but it was really the sheets that I loved the most.  So, I used them as my inspiration.  They were my first, I changed my mind every other day.  Like the bed, I wasn't sure that I needed to spend that much money on something that she didn't really need.  But then I went to Down East and they had the fitted sheet and the pillow cases for about a third of the price I would have paid at PB Kids.  Someone had them on hold, and I asked what would happen to the sheets if they didn't pick them up.  I had them take down my name and number and asked them to call me if the original holder person didn't get them.  I watched my phone around closing time and felt so lucky when they called me.  I am kind of embarrassed to put in writing my obsession, but I am sure that I am not alone.  

I paired my lovely find with a flat sheet that I got at IKEA on clearance for about $3.  It was perfect.  Not too matchy matchy and a good contrast with the white cover.

The cover.  White for a 7 year old?  Well, I already had it and I wasn't using it.  I actually got it in this crazy sale at Down East where they let you fill a garbage bag for $25.  I got SO SO SO much stuff into my bag.  Duvets, sheets, shower curtains, baby quilts...  All with flaws but perfect for my projects.  So this duvet had a monogram on it.  I just covered it up with my own.  
The cost?  About 75 cents for the blue ric rac.  My friend gave me the fabric and my mom crocheted the letters.

I toyed around with a lot of colors, but the oranges and aquas and grays are what I kept going back to.  I am worried it is another phase of mine.  Like the pink and brown one that I went through.  Time will tell.  I did a lot of white.  I love white.  I will always love white.  White is my favorite.  It might not be my favorite when I see the first inevitable stain.

The orange pillows I just brought up from the guest room since they weren't getting the attention they needed.  I made those a while ago.  The yellow pillow cases are from that fabulous garbage bag.

The bed skirt was inspired by PB Kids  fancy one that sells for $179.  I used a curtain panel from the thrift store, $1.99, $4 worth of tulle and ribbon from my collection.  Makes me smile.
I redid the lamp by painting the shade orange and hotglueing flowers and gems all over.  Kind of like this one but $88 cheaper. 

This is her little reading nook.  I made cushions for those storages benches that we have had since our Chicago days.  The benches also help her get on her, now much taller, bed.  I brought in the little rug from the living room since we never really used it.  
Some of the little details make a big impact.  
I can't remember which blog I got the jar idea from but I know I didn't make it up.  
Eva made these little critters with Model Magic.  Love that stuff.

Eva loves to make stuff.  Her old desk was not working.  I was hoping it would.  I used it when I was little.  But looking back, it didn't work for me, either.  You had to lift the work surface to get anything from inside the desk.  It ended up just being a place to stash stuff.  
She needed a better work space.  
We had a long piece of melamine from the previous owners of this house.  Karl cut it to the right size.  He also cut this paper organizer thing (that my dad didn't want anymore) to be the same height as some plastic drawer things (that I have had since I was in college).  I wanted the storage to be vertical so nothing would get stacked and lost.  Now, she has a place for her colored paper, her special notes, origami and stuff like that.  We spaced out the three things and put the wood over it.  Then I made a skirt to hide all the repurposed storage by cutting up a fitted sheet (again, thank you giant garbage bag) and and added a strip of cute fabric on the bottom and some ribbon at the top.  Karl also made the little shelf things so Eva could store stuff on her desk but keep her work space clear.  Total cost:  $0.  Don't you love that?

I did buy the little storage jars for markers, crayons, erasers, notebooks, candy, etc.  There were on sale, 6 of them for $10.  I also got those aqua colored pots.  They were $2 each at Down East.   

The bulletin boards were from my sister's DI pile.  Many of our favorites come from that pile.  One used to have red and blue stars painted on it and the other, pink flowers.  I Mod Podged orange paper on the frame (because I had paper in the perfect color but not paint) and cover it in the gray fabric.  Eva chose that fabric.  She has great taste.  My mom crocheted the white trim for me.  I got the inspiration for these boards from this blog, she's got decorating skills. 

The mirror I bought about 4 years ago just because I loved it (and sometimes when I find a super deal I think that it was meant to be mine, remember?).   It is a Land of Nod mirror.  They want $99 for it.  But, once again, I got mine at Down East for $25.  I couldn't have found a more perfect mirror for this spot. 

We made Eva stay out of her room for 4 days to do the room.  She was so cute and didn't even peek.  I was worried that she would miss her old stuff.  She likes new stuff, but has a hard time parting with old stuff.  Like me.  

She loves the room.  She wouldn't wait to sleep in her bed.  She started making stuff right away.  Clothes for her Webkinz, a drawing to hang up on her board...  That is what a wanted, a space for her that would inspire her creativit, not hinder.  So glad.

And now I know why I would never be a professional seamstress or decorator.  This took so much time, work and mental space.  But for Eva, it was totally worth it.

afterthought:  If only I could put this much effort into decorating my front room or my master bedroom.  But it seems like there are too many limits when you do those rooms.  I freeze up and no ideas flow at all.  It ends up being boring and super neutral.  LIttle girl rooms have no boundaries.  I love it.  


Nikki said...

Wow Christina, her room looks amazing. I love the curtains and I love the lamp.

Abbigail said...

Wow is right. I wish I had a down east home in Bloomington!!!!! Oh man. I also wish I was good at sewing. I am good at buying, too good. I spend too much.
Everything looks amazing. I wasn't sure what you were doing because you were texting me with stuff then stopped. So I am surprised like Eva. The yellow bed looks great. I can't believe you found those sheets for less.
Now I need you to come help me with Freya's room. She tells me she wants pink. I don't. Maybe we should trade kids? he he. Although I would take Eva, but not give you freya. I love the bed skirt and the curtains. I want a close up shot of the curtains. The desk is to die for. It turned out better than I had imagined. I think you were smart to get rid of the other desk. Good work Darling!

Angela said...

I am way impressed! It turned out amazing. I love the desk idea. And I love the bed. Does IKEA still have it. Gabby needs a bed. I am tempted to run there today and buy it. (Wish it was closer). Good job!

Kris Tina said...

Let's face it - I wish this was my room.

Michelle said...

So fun. I love all the details. Orange and blue are so perfect together. I love, love LOVE the crocheting from her grandma--that makes it extra special. I'm gonna copy the cork boards. Those curtains are so precious. I could go on and on. It's so fun making stuff for free or close to it. Good job. :)

Annie P said...

Please come decorate at my house. or tell me what to do. i love it! And that space for creating is so cool.

Adri said...

WOW... is really all I have to say.

Heath'e' said...

More proof that you are truly amazing! I love how creative you are and wish I had half your talent. I love EVERYTHING you did. The lamp is such a cute idea. Her room looks so fresh. Love it!

five-one-and-a-half said...

Good job Christina! You really thought out every detail and it turned out FABULOUS! That would be MY dream room :)

Lindsay said...

oooooh, those curtains! and the lamp! and the pillows! and the chairs! and the bulletin boards! I love it all...beautiful work Christina!

Michelle said...

WWWWOOOWWWW!! I'm sorry Christina, but you seriously missed your calling.... you should totally have your HGTV show. Seriously. I. Am. Not. Joking... You are freaking amazing! Now that you have project finished, let's get together ;)

pamela said...

this is totally amazing. i love it and it makes me want to redo the room i just redid. way to go.

Emily said...

That's it. I'm moving in.

I am SOOOO in love with that work station!!! So cute. So clever. So practical.
Eva's room is seriously magical (and so are you to be able to make all that happen!)

Cydnee said...

"Martha, Martha, Martha!" (a la Jan Brady)...seriously, I am SO inspired by your creativity, vision, and THRIFT!" You should have your own HGTV show.

Kathryn said...

Loved the room! It is even better in person.


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