Friday, February 5, 2010

too sick to celebrate

I am not claiming this as a hardship, but it was really sad when Eva was sick on her birthday.  She and Samuel got croup a few days earlier and they were still recovering.
(Picture them asleep on little beds that we made on the window seats in our bedroom, bundled in a ton of blankets, with the windows wide open to let in the winter night air, heater turned way down low so they can breath, and me asking Karl, "So why do we have the other bedrooms?")
We had to call all our family and postpone the family party.  
Yes, I bought a ton of food and cleaned my house.  But not a big deal.
But for Eva.  It was so sad. 

We did celebrate a little.  Ate pizza (we had enough for 20, after all) and made cupcakes.  Oh, and showed Eva her new room.
Yellow and butterflies.  That is what she wanted.  I love the picture of Eva lining up the cupcakes.  It is just so her.  
Samuel's (probably dirty) tiny little hand holding his creation of every single kind of sprinkle we own.  He made it and ate it before we had even finished decorating a few of the other cupcakes.  That is so Samuel.

Eva's room was her present from us.  But, at seven, seems like she still needed something to unwrap and play with so I made her a couple of sleeping bags for her Zhu Zhu pets.  I googled this and found a ton of them.  People are crazy about them. 

Eva, my little flower child, so glad you're mine.  


Abbigail said...

She is such a doll. I adore her to pieces. So sad she was sick. I am sure he belated party will be spectacular. Freya would be so jealous to see Eva has those little pets.

Jensen family said...

Lukas loves those hamsters too! You always do such cute things.

Malea said...

Cute cupcake tower. I want one of those. Don't tell me you got it at IKEA or something. Tell me it's at my local Walmart or Target, 'cause there's very few places to choose from to shop here. Samual's cupcake. Love it!

pamela said...

your kids are beautiful - actually beautiful.

and that sleeping bag is a MUST to make this week. Milli will be ecstatic. nice work.


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