Thursday, February 11, 2010


I want just a little bit of Samuel's energy.
I am still recovering from the holidays, Eva' birthday, and, well, doing the laundry last night.
Things that need to get done:

Put away the aftermath of Eva's room remodel
Finish Samuel's Fourth Year book of photos (only because I did one for Eva years ago)

Until then, I feel guilty doing a great post.

Things I need to post:

Christmas- the second half
New Years
Eva's birthday, the real celebration

I hope they get done sometime.  

After getting 2008 printed and loving the imperfect thing, I want to do a better job so I will love 2009 even more.  

Eating the leftovers of my Iceberg shake did not give me the energy to tackle any of these "to-do's."
This is not me.  I am tired at midnight.  This rarely happens.  
If I stop being a night person.  And I am most definitely positively not a morning person, then when will I be? 


Abbigail said...

This has been my problem. Since pregnancy I am tired at night and can't get anything done but sleep. I will set my alarm to wake up before kitty to paint or clean or whatever. As soon as that alarm goes off, those projects don't seem important anymore. It is awful. I do need to get a lot of sleep while I can because I won't get any in a few months. But I need some alone and work time somewhere.

Malea said...

Since we're same same that way, I'll look for the answer too. But if you beat me to the punch, fill me in, if you wouldn't mind.

Lindsay said...

I have been so low on energy lately too. It makes me sad because I'm totally a night person, and going to bed early feels like such a waste of my favorite time of day.
I wanted to say how darling your zhu zhu pet sleeping bags are. That's genius!

pamela said...

hmm. pregnant - that's the only time i start going to bed before 1 or 2. i love being a night person.


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