Monday, February 15, 2010

taking a break from being lazy... smile just a little bit. 

Almost midnight and I am not asleep.  Maybe because I slept all the way home from our trip to   Logan today.  Maybe because I tried a bunch of vitamins today.  

One day Karl told Samuel that when he was a little boy he liked to wear his grandpa's shirts to sleep in.  And so it began that Karl's t-shirt drawer became a pajama dispenser for the kids.  

When in the shirts, Samuel spends a lot of his waking time as a rock.  And he will sit there until we discover them (and yell for us, if we choose to ignore the rock).  
This night, we thought it would be funny if Karl pretended right along with Samuel.  Karl said he needed to put the rock outside.  Samuel kept pretending right up until we got to the back door.

I have never conducted an orchestra.  I am not really musical at all.  But I imagine timing is important.  The same kind of timing skills I need to get my kids out the door.  If I don't give them enough time to stop what they are doing and tell them to put their shoes on then I am waiting in the car for what seems like hours.  If I tell them too soon, they are geared up and out the back door, before I have a chance to get on my own shoes.  And with the confusing weather these days it means they are getting muddy. 
Here they are using the "snowball chuckers" to make mud balls.  It makes me laugh because they are concentrating so hard their mouths are both open. 
(This is actually a photo of when they both had croup and couldn't go to school.  So we played school at home.  This was recess.  A really long recess.  Dr. said the cold air was good for their lungs with croup.)   
I guess it isn't like an orchestra.  It is more like a circus.  I am a ring leader.  Though most days I feel like the clown that is cleaning up the poop.  
Oh, and just to make ya'll feel better about your parenting, Samuel just woke up.  He always wakes up in the middle of the night.  This night, though, he said he is hungry and he is looking in the fridge while his parents sit on the couch and watch the Olympics (oh the irony in how lazy watching athletes can make me).  He is also wearing the same socks that he has been wearing for two days straight.  Tomorrow will be day three.  Feel better?  You're welcome.


Lindsay said...

Your posts always make me laugh. I do feel better...but just cause you are so funny. I think you are such a fun mom...I love that you did school at home for your sick kids, that is great.
I also love Samuel as a rock. :)

Michelle said...

I love the rock. What a crack up. Ella and Abram have the same thing going on with the socks. It took me awhile to figure it out cuz they have so many socks that are exactly the same since I buy them in packs. It's so disgusting though when you finally realize and there feet are all moldy smelling. nice...

Abbigail said...

If it was Kitty it would not just be the socks but the entire outfit. Sometimes it is just not worth the fight.
Kitty loves to get up and tell me she is hungry. It is her excuse for NEVER going to bed. Then she freaks out that she needs to brush her teeth or she will get cavities, so it is the whole routine all over again. no more food after bedtime, new rule.

pamela said...

actually, i was not feeling better, but starting to feel worse. you are such a good mom. maybe it was the earlier post but i'm always inclined to say "i told you so" instead of comforting....ouch.


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