Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i told you so

On Fridays we have "Family Fun Night."  It means Karl stops working at 6:30 and we go and do something fun.  It is something we look forward to all week.  
Last Friday, to Eva's dismay, was a night full of Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  
I checked the TV schedule.  It said Olympics at 6:30.  So after trying to hype it up a little (Karl more so, as he has Canada pride), we turned on the TV promptly at 6:30 only to find very tragic news of the young Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, had crashed and died.  I guess they weren't thinking of the 5 and 7 year olds (kind of) excited to see the (supposed) amazing Olympics when they showed the video of the crash over and over and over and over again.  Samuel gravitated towards the TV just like we all crane our necks when passing an accident.  Then came the questions.  Then came the delayed wisdom where we turned off the TV.  That was more than enough information.  And the so sad image will always remain in my head, and unfortunately my kids'.  

So on the news today, they said that Nodar had talked to his father on the phone and expressed his concern with the track.  His dad told him to go slower.  

As a parent, there are so many times that I tell my little ones to be careful.  There are so many times that they don't listen.  Then there are so many times that they get hurt.  Hopefully never ever as tragically as this Georgian athlete.  But when they are crying and wanting me to kiss it (so glad it still works for them), there are so many times when I want to say, "I told you..."  But it isn't because I wanted to be right (I have just about given up on that one).  It is because I want them to listen next time.  Because I happen to know that spinning with a blanket over your head when you are too close to the coffee table hardly ever ends up pretty.

(Watching the Women's Luge right now.  My thoughts were, "Why would they do that after that guy died?"  At the exact same time I was thinking that Karl says, "That would be so fun."  After I tell him what I was thinking he says, "I wouldn't go so fast that I would hurt myself."  Those, my friends, will be Karl's last words.  And if you know him, you will agree.)

(The girl just crashed.  The image triggered some very negative feelings.  Now, among other logical reasons, I realize why I think they luge is insane.  It has everything to do with my Alpine slide crash of 1994.)

My heart goes out to his parents.

On a much much much lighter note.  Every time Mary Carillo talks (which is too much to me, because I just want to watch the events and get kind of tired of all of the commentary stuff) I giggle a little because she really really reminds me of Miss Jane Hathaway of the Beverly Hillbillies (or at least of what I remember of her since I haven't seen that show in ages).  


These are the things that I think about as I watch the Olympics.  Oh, and that the athletes are very strong and fast and the iceskating is pretty.  Wonder why I'm not a sports commentator?


Abbigail said...

I really did not want to see that crash and purposefully avoided it. Then I just turned on a regular channel and they showed it over and over on the news. I thought it was morbid and unrespectful to that young man and his family. Those things do not need to be shown. I love the downhill skiing and the moguls etc.

jennifer.lamb said...

About Mary Carillo being similar to Jane Hathaway from The Beverly Hillbillies: YES! I actually googled "mary carillo is jane hathaway" to see what would come up and you were #2. My boyfriend and I always watch her and make comments regarding Mary hitting on Jethro. It's a fun game.

Emily said...

My kids didn't see the crash but heard about it. It's all they talked about for days when anyone mentioned the Olympics. Kids are so impressionable. . .


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