Monday, November 16, 2009

messy room. need change.

Eva's room in it's natural state. It doesn't always have a fort in the middle. And if someone is coming over, we clean it. But all that other STUFF? Yep. It's there. Gross and busy, huh?
Things that aren't working:
1) These pictures give me anxiety. The room has too much stuff in it.
2) When she was 3, she declared she didn't like pink. Her room is very very pink.
3) That desk was mine when I was a kid. Thing is, it didn't work for me. So, why am I trying to make it work for Eva? You have to lift the workspace to get stuff out of it. Too conducive to stuffing.
4) That rug is gross. We have been using it since she was born.
5) She needs more storage. Or just better storage. And more creative space. Space to work and space to display.
6) I loved this quilt when I thought of it. Love it when I was cutting the stuff out. By the time I finished it (probably a year later) I was kind of sick of it. Now I am really sick of it.
7) This display shelf is currently displaying chaos.

We need help.
I have been looking at this bedding and love it. Thing is. Will I only love it for a little while? Is it too little girl? Just the quilt and the sheets. Or should I go for something totally different and more grown up?

I was just going to try and work around the pink and brown quilt but then this deal came up.

Superficial. I know. But ideas are swimming and taking up so much brain space, I need to get it out. Must. Get. Them. Out...


Angela said...

I absolutely love that bedding. I say go for it. She is only little once and not matter what you do in a couple of years you will probably be sick of it. Just a thought.

I just finished Gabby's room. Pink and green with owls. Maybe I should post some pics. :)

marilynl said...

Was just going to tell you about Gabby's cute owl room......

five-one-and-a-half said...

I wish I could keep my kid's rooms clutter free. AND that I could snap my fingers and have them look just like they do in the Pottery Barn catalogs. Funny, I have that same rug as in the picture. I LOVE the owls. I would totally get that for my room and I'm waaaay older than Eva :)

Lindsay said...

Emily and Eden's room gives me anxiety's way too crowded. You'd think small houses and small rooms are easier to keep clean...but that's SO not the case because everything gets crammed together making it look junky. (I'm talking about my house here, not yours. :))
I say go for the new bedding too...I absolutely love it...those sheets are to die for. Where does the bedding come from anyway? I'm o.k. with Emily's bed spread...but I love those sheets so much I'd be tempted just to get those even if they don't match the rest of her bedding...let me know!

pamela said...

ha! we are right in the midst of redoing milli's room! it's so stressful. and why do little girls gather so much crap??

i like the bedding you posted. those sheets are awesome. what i almost like about the sheets is that if you got the sheets, but then maybe a solid colored quilt that coordinated, perhaps those freaking cute sheets would really stand out. just a thought.

and i want a birdcage onesie. 6 month? or i'd take any size you have.

Emily said...

you made that quilt? Of course you made that quilt (I forgot who's blogging here).
The thought (want) of learning how to quilt and making a cute girly quilt for Eliza keeps surfacing in my brain. . . I just wish I owned a sewing machine. . . and knew how to use it.

I love the new bedding idea pictures.

Nikki said...

Love the new bedding idea.! too cute.

Alyse said...

So cute. I think that set is perfect for her age. Can't wait to see the "after" pictures!

Abbigail said...

I am still thinking about how to do Kitty's room. It currently has a bunch of wall stickers of dogs and cats that she loves, but looks pretty stupid. I say trash the desk, that is not useful at all. Get the new sheets and I like the idea that Pam posted about getting a plain quilt that you could change out easier. But the other one is freaking adorable as well. Kitty has been eyeing a planet quilt that they have for "boys" she really likes it. I amy have to get it. It might be easier if you have space to put her desk and creating space someplace beside her room. That room is not that big. Also, is she still using a queen? You could size down to a twin and get some more space that way.
I love the baskets and think that they look good. It would be a pain to change the pinnk liners on those.
Girls do acquire a lot of stuff. But I expect that from my child, because I collect so much junk myself and so does Ryan. A constant decluttering struggle. I will have to send you a message with the stuff I am thinking about for Kitty's room and our extra bedroom. I need some feedback on that.
Kisses to Eva. Miss her!

Buchanans said...

Love the bedding- it's actually ear marked in my catalog...I was on the fence if it was too juvenile for McKenna- I think it would totally work for Eva tho!!

Eric and Laura said...

I can't belive you are sick of that awesome quilt! It's SO cute! I want one for myself. Is there anything wrong with a mom curling up on the courch to watch a movie in a cute blanket that doesn't have cars or veggie tales on it? I am in serious need of some girliness (sp?) in my house. :( I think you should take a trip and help me figure out how to make my drab house cute. :D

But...I have to admit...the new bedding is also very cute. And I understand the need to re-do a room once in a while. :D I say if you love it, go for it! And let us know how it turns out!

Christina said...

Thanks all of you. The bedding is Pottery Barn kids. My friend is getting it so I will be able to see it in person and see if it is worth it.

I love the just getting the sheets idea. Think the quilt is so cute but don't feel like it is totally me.


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