Monday, November 23, 2009

looking back

I love watching Food Network while I make dinner. Gives me a little company, I guess. The kids watch, too and ask, "Why don't you make what she is making?"

This is Eva when she was three. Cooking along with the Barefoot Contessa.
Just picked Eva up from school. Said they have a new game they play at recess. She made it up. Guess what it is called? Cooking Club.


Michelle said...

Last night I was watching America's Test Kitchen when I should have been sleeping. I thought to myself, "am I weird that I love watching this?" Then this morning I read your blog. Thanks for helping me feel normal. :)

That picture is cute.

Lindsay said...

I love Food Network. It makes me feel not so guilty about watching t.v. becuase I feel like it's educational. :)
cute picture!


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