Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my little less obvious thanksgiving list

At Art Weekend, the screen printing teacher mentioned an artist named Lotta Jansdotter.
I got a few books from the library and I am in love.
I love her simple, easy style.
My library didn't have the last book that I have here. It's in Japanese. Which makes me think that maybe if she is so popular in Japan, then I can't help it if I like her. It is just my genetics.
Costco has these right now. Loc Maria Crepe cookie things.
"Crispy Biscuits Enrobed with Belgian Milk Chocolate"
Enrobed. Doesn't that just sound delicious?
I bought the box yesterday and did the ultimate glutton thing to do. I opened the gift box as soon as I got in the car. A gift to me.
I don't think I have ever been so tempted by a treat. Seriously. I'm pretty sure I heard them say, "I love you, too."
So, today, I bagged some up and gave some away. Even if I kept the whole box, it would have only lasted me two days.
I am using my two ounces of self control to not go grab one right now.
I'll just have a couple, or 46.
Totally grateful:
In disposable flip flops, in freezing weather, at midnight, sporting new, shiny red holiday-ish polish.
Looking for a treat after midnight and ending up at 24 hour Winco. And can't help but be practical and pick up a few bargain groceries along the way.
Laughing the whole time.
So glad I have someone that will be a little unconventional with me. And love it.

I keep thinking about how grateful I am for these things.
Oh, and, today, my (a little more conventional) friend asked me what time I go to bed. I was too embarrassed to give a straightforward answer. Just said, "Oh, pretty late." And then kind of changed the subject.


Abbigail said...

What camera did you order? I am dying to hear what you finally decided.
I could go for a pedi at midnight!

pamela said...

ok i have the first three of those lotta jansdotter books and have made most of the projects....LOVE them!!

i do that at costco all the time.

*check is in the mail. thank you!

Malea said...

It's not about the time you go to sleep, it's about the fact that most of get the same amount no matter what time we go to bed. Hey, I like your unconventional friend, too. I'm so glad time, space, marriage, kids have not separated the conventional truth that you two were made to be friends. :)

tylerandjulie said...

you better have those yummy treats next time there's settlers at your place!

Courtney said...

Love the Costco treat tip. Must find... Love the flip flops- I was giddy the next day every time I saw my toes.


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