Friday, November 13, 2009

liver for lulu

My earliest memory of Lizzie was when I was in high school. She was in fifth grade.
She was telling us how she only liked older guys. She would not go out with anyone younger than sixth grade. Spunky, hilarious, and apparently mature beyond her age.

Fast forward to now. Years later. A cute wife and sweet mommy of two adorable kids. Picture perfect, right?
But now her sweet little girl needs help. She's fighting Alpha 1 Anitrypsin Deficiency, a genetic disorder that causes liver and lung failure.
And now, after three weeks in the hospital, she has H1N1.

Read about this sweet girl, London, aka Lulu here.

Of course, things like this cost a lot of money. You can read about how you can help with the "Liver for Lulu" fund on that blog, too.

Cyd, Lizzie's sister (and one of my favorite friends ever) asked if I would make some onesies for the cause.
I still like my birds, so I stuck with them. I also tried out the ruffle butt onesie from this tutorial. Besides ironing them all before I took pictures, there are a few things I would do differently but isn't that how crafting goes?
On each onesie I put a little birdie on the back and a little, blue "liver for lulu" sign wherever it fit in.

I am still trying to create a "brand" for myself. That day, I liked, "cyi made." I came up with a logo and put a little label on the back of each one. But I still can't decide. I am so indecisive. I need more feedback.
These ones have been sold but If you want me to make you one with the two birds in a cage, I would love to. If you need it for a baby boy, I can make it in black, too. I have sizes 0-3 mo., 6-9 mo., and 12 mo.
For $15, I will make it, wrap it up cute, and send it to you, and all of the money will go to help sweet, tiny, Baby Lulu.


Michelle said...

I'll take one in 12 months. Do you think it would be done before I leave for Thanksgiving? It's for my niece. You are so awesome to be helping that adorable little girl. It breaks my heart that she's suffering so.

On another note, have you been practicing with Photoshop and Illustrator? I've been doing cheesy color tinting and playing with brush strokes :) Haven't gotten much time to play with my camera though. Thanks so much for encouraging me to go to those classes.... It was fun to hang out and almost as much fun to learn.

Christina said...

I can totally get that to you before Thanksgiving. Especially since you live closer than the post office.

You will be able to see my newly acquired illustrator skills on the onesie. I am still afraid of photoshop, though. I will try and conquer that fear, though.

I am so glad that you were in the classes, it was so much fun AND it helped that you are a much better listener than I am. And so patient when I would say, "What did he just say?" a billion times.

Besides having fun, I do feel a little bit smarter. And that is a really good thing.

The House that James Built said...

sweet pookie- i love you. i even married an older man! (by 4 months) thank you for your amazing show of support. it is felt and appreciated more than you'll ever know. ALL OUR LOVE!
the badgers

Malea said...

I'll take one for a newborn. It's peeps like you who make the world go round. Love yer guts.

Malea said...

Actually, make it a 12 month. Thanks!

Lindsay said...

I would love one! Any chance that you can make one in a 2T size? Probably not, huh.
I'll still take one in a 0-3 mo. size and give it to the next friend or family member that has a baby. :) Let me know about getting you the money, I'll mail it right away.
I love that you're doing this and I love your new label.

Christina said...

Thanks, Michelle, Pamela, Malea, and Lindsay!

I will contact you individually about your kind donations.

Cydnee said...

Pook, I LOVE that you are my friend. Thank you thank you thank you!


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