Saturday, February 4, 2012

make make make

I love doing this kind of stuff.  Seems like with three kids, all of the sudden I don't have the energy or focus to make as much as I used to.  So I better keep track of what I do accomplish.  You know, because sometimes I forget that I actually got something done. 
I was asked to come up with a way for the women at church to have some sort of extrinsic reward for reading their scriptures.  Because the intrinsic reward is supposed to be a given, right? It's just nice to have a little motivational push every now and then... is what we were thinking.
These were the specifications... use these jars and use sort of a gold theme.  
This is what I came up with:
So, since 2012 is year of recording for me, I will do my best to record what I make.  And some days it feels like I should record that I made my bed.  Because lately that seems to be quite the accomplishment in my book. 

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