Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My kids love to help out on a project.  I guess, unless I really need them and I make the mistake of advertising it as work.  Then they don't like to help.

Sometimes I let them help when they actually want to.  And when I do, sometimes it takes longer.  But I do it because I feel like I should.  Like I am making deposits into the "I did something good for my kids today" bucket.  

My parents are in town for a long visit.  After extensive research mostly just observation and listening to people complain/brag about their parents, I have learned that not all parents are the same.  Mine are the helping kind of parents.  And the kind that likes to try new stuff.  And eat/make yummy food.  I love having them around.  I feel lucky.

So, my dad went right to work and started putting this step stool for me.  Because I really need step stools.  

He let Maximus help.
Or should I say, "help."
At one point the "help" looked like this.  And for some reason this makes me laugh.
 But what really makes me laugh...
You know how it's somehow easier to get mascara on if you open your mouth?

Apparently, the same goes for using a screwdriver.  
 At least for Baby Maximus, anyway.
 So, I was cracking up, watching all the helping going on...
The kids and my dad.
The open mouth and getting the screw in.  And I know that is three photos of almost the same thing but to me they are all different kinds of funny.  And I didn't want any of the funnies to feel left out.
 And I was just so very grateful that I had so much help.

{BTW, I can't believe I am posting about Baby Moosey using a screwdriver.  That feels so grown up and unbaby-like.  *Sigh*.  Yes, he is growing.  Just like he is supposed to. As far as communication goes, he signs and says, "more."  Today he said, "hi" and we think he said, "yes."  He shakes his head and nods to get his point across.  As far as dancing goes, he has added the, "She's a Maniac" jog in place to his repertoire along with waving his arms like a conductor and turning. Cute little Moosey, growing up, saying more, dancing more, making more people more happy...}

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jamie parker said...

More than cute! Love your blogs:) ahhh, and I miss my parents so much. I love that you get to have yours here. Enjoy this time. xo


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