Monday, February 13, 2012

twigs and blossoms

When my life's medium is mostly crayons, t-shirts, brown rice, and baby wipes, I forget that there is a whole world of high fashion and fine art out there.  Fashion beyond what I can find on Pinterest or the the latest sale at Gap.  Fine art beyond card stock and double stick tape.

My friend asked us if my kids would want to participate in fashion show that her friend, Bruna, the owner of Gallery 103, was hosting.  Louda Larrain was the designer for the fashion show, The Birth of Fashion Revisited. Eva and Samuel were going to be in the opening act, Twigs and Blossoms, where kids wear their own designs using white cotton fabric and leaves and flowers.

As excited as Eva was to participate, Samuel was unexcited.  So, with a little bribery (okay, a lot of bribery) we were able to convince him that he wanted to do it.

The week before we got instructions from Louda on how to put together a "couture" gown.  

So, while we learned how to make things out of branches and leaves, Maximus wandered around beautiful sculptures worth thousands of dollars.  No biggie. 

And when the designer went to put a few finishing touches on our creation, she asked Eva if she liked it.  Eva told her she didn't, so she kindly pulled it out.  I was surprised at Eva's courage and opinion.  Eva later told me that just because she is a famous designer, doesn't mean that I have to like it.  Wise, right?  

You won't believe how much coaxing it took to get Samuel to take his shirt off and wear this and walk a runway.  The kid won't go into the grocery store with a swim suit on, which is practically the uniform on this island.  But in the end, he was glad he did it.  The new remote control cars, two dollars, and shave ice might have helped.  We aren't above bribery. 

 These are our friends.  We don't choose our friends by how adorable they are.  That part is just coincidence.  

And here is the big moment...
and spoken like a true mom, I just love her.  I love that face.  Love it.

 And I was clapping so hard, I was so proud of this kid, I almost forgot to snap a photo.
And this kid, those lips, that zero fat body that still loves to cuddle, and knowing how brave he was being, oooh, I love him, too.

 And our friends...

 And the main show?  As my kids were nestled in my lap and my parents seated in the audience... let's just say it was highly educational.  An education on anatomy.  Creative, beautiful, and... educational.

These are the g-rated fashions.  This is a family blog, after all.  I was so impressed with how my kids handled it.  Or rather, didn't handle it.  I didn't know it was possible for a 7 year old boy and a 9 year old to be able to see so much skin and take it in as art.  I am proud of them.  

 This also happens to be one of my friends.  And when she was asked to be in the show, her conditions were that she needed to be covered.  Stunning.  Her and and the gown.
 Eva with the designer.   
Branches, leaves, flowers, high fashion, runways, artsy people... an opportunity of a lifetime and so much fun.   

Now, back to my crayons, t-shirts, brown rice, and baby wipes...


Emily said...

you always get to do the coolest stuff. . .

Ginger said...

hey it's Ginger Healy, I went to school with Karl, he posted a link to your blog on Facebook so I popped over then couldn't help myself from reading back through old posts, I hope you don't mind! I have been meaning to ask Karl for a long time how you guys ended up in Hawaii. thanks for letting me read and catch up with all you guys have been up to, it's amazing, inspiring, frightening, brave, and truly any adjective I could come up with, it's...EVERYTHING, I am speechless,I am jealous, when hubby walked in a few minutes ago I said, "let's sell the house and spin the globe and go for it," we've been talking about doing that forever but something always gets in the way, anyway I am going on and on and not making sense but I wanted to say hi and say how amazed I am by you guys! I don't think you will ever regret being spontaneous impulsive and brave like this, I think it's a powerful example to your children. Hope you don't mind if I pop by the blog again sometime, tell Karl hi!

Courtney said...

What?!? Who gets to do this-except you. I love it. Eva has the "I am a high fashion model" face already.

jamie parker said...

Christina! Your kids are awesome....and adorable! How fantastic for them to experience such a beautifully creative production:) You are a great mom:) xo


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