Tuesday, January 31, 2012

eva is 9

She loves dolls.  I love that she isn't in a rush to be all grown up.  
So, we had a doll party.  It has been three years since she has had a friend party.  I actually love thinking up all the stuff to do.  I love getting it ready.  I know some people don't.  But I do.  I also wish that I knew how to plan better and didn't save everything for the last minute. Oh well.  The theme was dolls but it was kind of like a making party.  We made everything.  We don't do things the easy way.  It's kind of a problem.  I found the cutest paper dolls online and used the clothes to make the invites.  
All the dolls showed up.  All shapes and sizes.  Eva greeted them with a crown and a doll size place setting.  The girls made their own crowns as they showed up.
Eva was mourning that her grandma wasn't here to make her a doll cake.  Her grandma makes amazing cakes.  So, Karl to the rescue.  He told her he would build her a cake. And he did it.   Apparently, cake decorating skills can be inherited.  He made that fondant.  Did you know you can make fondant with marshmallows and powdered sugar?  I didn't know that until we moved here.
We went through a bunch of trouble to make a polka dotty cake like this lady and it kind of turned out.  We don't do things the easy way.
The inside looked like this:
And the scraps were even prettier.
For her 6th birthday, we had a baking party and made pizzas.  This birthday she wanted to make pizzas again.  So we did.  Ham and pineapple is her favorite.  "Hawaiian."  How appropriate.
The dolls ate, too.  The girls made them doll sized pizzas. 
 And while they waited for the pizzas to cook, they made "salad dolls" and ate them.  
 I am so grateful for some mommies that stayed and helped with our making party.  We like to make.  We made everything.  After they made their pizzas and ate, they made little bags. 

Made, made, made, made, made... 
I am especially grateful for the mommies that sat and made beautiful painting on each of the girls' faces.  She was surrounded by a crowd the whole time.  It was the entertainment for the party.  Eva's dream is to paint faces.  
So pretty, right?

Eva invited all her friends and their sisters.  Didn't want to leave them out.  It ended up being huge and happy.  
I absolutely love this age.  Love it.  She is sweet, and smart, and I love to be with her.  Independent, strong, loving, and so so so good.  This has been a year of beaches, hula, crafts, taking care of Maximus who adores her, baptism, travel, moving, lots of new places, bikes, swimming, friends, cousins... and dolls.   
 Happy birthday, Eva.  Thank you so much for these nine years.  

*And I'll admit it.  The day was exhausting.  So much fun. But seriously exhausting.  And I have proof.  This is how they fell asleep.  No joke.  Out cold.  Just like this.   

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such a cute idea! i love the theme.


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