Wednesday, January 4, 2012

our 2011 christmas card

There are neighbor friends, church friends, family friends, school friends, friends we have met while traveling, friends we have met when we lived in one of our bajillion moves, Facebook friends, blog friends, friends that we have known for a few months, and friends that we have known for decades. And of those friends, some of those friends have become Christmas card friends.  

I love those Christmas card friends. I just love the whole idea of putting the card together (even if the simple card takes me way longer than it should) and thinking about each person.  I love getting a cards and seeing how the family is doing and how they have changed.  I love taping the cards up and recalling the memories that I have made with the different people.  I hate taking them down because I love looking at them as I walk by.  I am a sentimental junkie and this is a tradition that I hope never dies.

I think it is so fun to read the 2011 recaps and accomplishments. This year I joked that I should make a list of all our blunders in numbers and send them with our card.  You know, just to keep it real.  Like how many times one of our kids got sent to the principal's office, or how many times I forgot to pick up the kids on early release day, or how many flights we almost missed... you know awesome stuff like that.  Let's be honest, you know that would make a lot of people feel really good.  People like to know they aren't the only ones screwing up, right?

Whatever kind of friend you are, I hope you had a memorable Christmas.


Michelle said...

I'm one of those sentimental people too. I love taping up all the cards. Your card was especially cute. You are amazing. Happy New Year!

Pete said...

You always send great cards! We were happy to get yours. I need to get back to blogging too!


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