Tuesday, January 3, 2012

i just heard that people read my blog

I stopped.  The thrill of blogging got overshadowed by the instant gratification of Facebook and Pinterest. Blogging took time and I had about a billion things going on this year.  Didn't think anyone would notice and thought the year was so crazy that I would for sure remember all that went on.  

But I guess I was wrong.  I can't remember a thing.  My brain is all mush.  And I am sad about that.

December somehow happened.  2011 somehow happened.

My resolution for 2011.
Record more.
And forgive myself if I happen to not record more.  


Michelle said...

yea, keep doing it. I love your updates and am not on facebook, so if anything do it for me. :) And for the whole keeping your history thing too.

Annie P said...

I totally read your blog. So do it for me too. I love it.


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