Friday, May 27, 2011

remembering a couple of beaches: poipu and ke'e

Here's the thing.  These things all happened a long time ago.  But I feel compelled to record this.  The sad thing is, we are kind of getting used to the beach.  So much that the kids kind of whine when it's time to go... "We want to go to the pool," or "I don't want to get sand in my swimsuit."  Can you believe it?
I love it when this monk seal is at the beach.  He is there a lot.  It makes it so exciting.  So Sea World meets real world.  
Kids in front of the monk seal.
 Cute cousins, again.  Eva and Sarah must be together a lot, I have a ton of photos of the two of them.
 Their "shave ice."
Looking for creatures.
 One of the sand crabs that they found.

Another day, we headed up north to Ke'e beach.  We tried Hanalei first but it wasn't super exciting that day so we went further to Ke'e.  

I never get tired of photos of Samuel decked out in snorkel gear.  Things I remember about this trip but didn't take photos of:  The guys selling coconuts, one of them holding a piglet, a cave that is formed from tree roots on the beach, and the rain, that kept us from hiking and eventually cut our beach trip short.
 We stopped at Banana Joes on the way home.  But we just call it the banana stand and then giggle because it reminds us of Arrested Development.  They freeze apple bananas and then send them through a juicer.  That's it.  It makes a great little smoothie.  Max was a fan.  He wanted more and more.


Adri said...

I am so jealous you live in Hawaii. That is crazy they are tired of the beach... I will take there place.
The Soul Surfer movie is really good. I thought it would be scary for the kids but you don't even see the shark attack. It just happens... then there is some blood. But it was done really well for being PG and Disney.

Michelle said...

I love that picture of wittle baby with banana smoothie on his lip. He is so cute. The eatable age right now, huh? (Eatable as in you want to eat him up, not as in he is able to eat.)

I laughed at the Arrested Development comment. Such a funny, funny show.

What fun memories you are making. My kids complain about the beach too half-way into every summer. Poor babies. :)

Abbigail said...

amazing beaches and yummy banana freezes, you are a lucky gal.


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