Thursday, May 26, 2011

remembering the Kilauea Lighthouse

The goat farm was not far from the lighthouse, so that was the next stop.  It is a bird refuge and very beautiful.  Though I didn't really notice it while we were there, apparently it was very windy.
 One of the few family photos that we have.  Samuel isn't even looking but I thought our hair was awesome.
 This one was better.  But we are covering up the lighthouse.  It was under construction anyway.  If Karl would have held Maximus up a little higher he would have wings.
 Cute cousins.
We went to the Kilauea Fish Market for lunch, ordered a bunch of stuff, waited forever and then ate some of my favorite food on the island.  I already talked about the wrap, but seriously, it was so good.  Every I hear someone talk about that town, in my head I secretly start thinking about the wrap.  Okay, and to keep us occupied and a little giddy while we were waiting for our food was Pearce Brosnan and his wife, also there to enjoy the wrap.  We didn't actually say anything to them, we were just dorks and kept taking secret pictures of him.  This one looks like someone is grabbing his head and Samuel looks like he is pulling that face that Michelle Kwan pulled for most of her olympic photos.  
 And here is the crew.  Thanks for the photo, Brenda.  Samuel has the awesome wrap.  It's the size of his head and he ate almost all of it.  I wanted to take it from him but I hate taking semi-nutritious food from that skinny kid.

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Kathryn said...

I have been havnig fun looking at all your posts of Burns' family visiting you in Kauai. I can't wait until we come in October!


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