Sunday, May 29, 2011

bike ride, water spout, hula, movie, all in one day

When family visits, it gives us an excuse to try out all the touristy things.  This day was jam packed.  We went up to Kapaa and rented bikes and rode up the coast.  For $5 a bike, this is one of the cheapest adventures we have found.  
I am sure we are breaking all kinds of rules here, but looks, he was totally happy sitting next to his cousin Ashley.   
The family stopping for a break.  
 The view on this bike ride was amazing.  If I ever decided to live on the east side, it would be because of this path.  The ocean views went on forever and we even saw some whales breaching.

Sweet little Maximus only fussed for a minute, and that was because he was trying to fall asleep.  
We had to rent the bikes from a couple of different places because the cheap place didn't have enough for us.  So, we dropped off a few of the bikes at one place and I waited with a few of the kids for Karl to come get us.  After what felt like forever, but was probably only about 15 minutes, I called him.  The were all watching this ocean tornado thing called a water spout.    Pretty cool.  Thanks for the photo, Brenda.
Eva's halao (hula school) has a rule that parents can't watch unless there are visitors from out of town.  We all wanted to sit in on Eva's class.  Traffic was horrible and Eva only made it for the last bit of class but we still got to see her dance a little.  It was so cute.
And after hula class, we grabbed some fast food and raced to the Waimea movie theater to see Rango.  It's a little one show theater about 20 minutes away.  And I know I use the word cute a lot, but it is, well, cute.  It doesn't really matter what the movie is (unless it is scary), my family just loves the whole movie experience.  I can do without it, but they are crazy about it.

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Island life suits you all. You look great!


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